Live Review: Klubknight | elsewhere | 11.10.14

The line outside elsewhere was HUGE. Having formed in the last half of 2013, Klubknight had scarcely played the Gold Coast before their From The Whiteboard Tour, yet people turned up in droves as the doors open, eagerly awaiting the 3 a.m. hometown set from the skilled duo. The entire night was fun as each half of Klubknight jumped up to man the decks as the night carried on in the lead up to Klubknight’s much anticipated set, with a surprise remix of INXS making its way into the early sets.

Klubknight head2As 3 a.m. loomed around the corner, there were still people lining up to get into the filled club, but no-one was leaving. Klubknight took over the tables and kicked off their extensive set of deep, driving tracks that made the remaining crowd gravitate to the dance floor to join the dense pack already there as Klubknight took the club goers to a new level. Their carefully composed tracks with dark bass and syncopated rhythms built up and captivated everyone in elsewhere, and you could tell Klubknight was feeding off the crowd’s ecstatic energy.

Blow Down was a personal favourite. The track flows along nicely, until it breaks into a thick banger complete with sweet synth layers that build as the cut progresses and the crowd is accordingly thrown into disarray, headbanging, jumping and dancing along to the song. The duo have worked at, and perfected, their craft over years of experience playing clubs Australia-wide, and elsewhere’s crowd immediately recognized and appreciated that fact. Klubknight weren’t an ordinary electronic outfit by any means. They sweated it out from set start to finish, and that really came through their set.

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