Live Review: Mudgeerabarby Skate Jam with Underwood Mayne + Tokyo Beef + Psychoibis, 23.05.15

As a long time skater and muso, I was stoked when I was asked to review the Mudgeerabarby Skate Jam. A wild fusion of two of my favourite pastimes AND a free sausage sizzle, held at the Mudgeeraba skate park. The park itself has undergone a recent face lift and to celebrate, Stoke Skateboarding put on this ambitious event with the help of Council as well as a bunch of industry sponsors.

Conditions were perfect and the turnout was impressive. A few hundred at least came and set up camp for the day around the park and showed their appreciation as each division had there chance to shred the concrete in a standard skate jam format…. essentially this is like a free-for-all…but always keeping an eye out for each other while using common skate sense and standard skate park courtesy…(’s a thing).

Talking to some normally non-skate spectators on the day, the high calibre of community sentiment and courtesy amongst everyone there truly surprised them. Most assuming that these presumed “social degenerates” would be a whole lot less friendly…but that’s the thing that many don’t get… skaters take care of each other. The adults help and respect the little kids, the little kids help and respect the adults, everyone is friendly and supportive. Skateboarding is an extremely positive subculture that encourages everyone to go harder and have fun doing it.

Stand out performances on the day were fast-firing and consistant from the guys and the girls. Then the pros, like Mikey Mendoza, Jake Duncombe, Jesse Noonan and Pat Dandy made a lengthy demo session appearance in support of the event, blowing everyone’s mind and landing huge moves that I can’t even do on TonyHawkProSkater.

The day was MCed by local skate legend Andrew Currie and another dude. They called tricks, bantered, hooted and gave away SLAM skate mags, wheels, decks and other sick product from Precinct skateshop and Hoon Skateboards, to the crew with the biggest bag of tricks.

Around 1.30pm, Underwood Mayne (pictured from file photo) hit the stage with a tight set of dirty solid stoner psych rock. I hadn’t heard these guys before but was happily surprised by their whole deal. Blazing rock organ over solid guitar riffs makes me happy… what can I say?

Following them came local legends in the surf/skate rock genre, Tokyo Beef. These guys have been rocking the GC for a while now and were totally in the pocket for this show. A few new songs and a fair serving of classic Beef, all sounding solid and heavy. The Beef rock.. If you haven’t seen them, check them out.

Following Tokyo Beef was Psychoibis. New to my ears, these guys presented a set of mad psychedelic scream rock tunes that sounded great! A true enjoyable assault on the senses.

All three bands delivered and reinforced, yet again, that the quality of local music is out of this world good.

All in all, a magic event, with hopefully many more in the future from the team at Stoke Skateboarding.

The GC has quite a few amazing skate parks that are perfect for days like this and being an all-ages, drug and alcohol free vibe, it allows everyone to enjoy it. There were literally, “all ages”… gramps to groms… all having a killer time whether they were watching or participating. With everyone friendly, easy going and courteous, it’s the way it should be.

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Header image provided by Sarah Huston features Jackson Pilz doing a frontside crooked grind at the event

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