LIVE REVIEW: New Christs + Hits + Dirty F Holes @ Beetle Bar


Well I must be a fan. Driving up the M1, rain bucketing down, off to the Brisbane CBD. But it was a pretty good bill, and I have seen two of the bands before, and thus the reason for going. The New Christs with Radio Birdman’s Rob Younger and his mighty band of troubadours always put on a good show, with Hits, up and coming and rocking out, and a band I had not seen before the dirty F Holes.

The Dirty F Holes were the first band on stage: grungy, hard rocking, and with a keen following. They rock out and warmed everyone up for what was to come.

Hits were next on-stage, and they seem to be gaining velocity each show I see them, rocking harder, and really showing what a good outfit they are. The are looking like being the next big thing, twin blazing girl guitars from Stacey and Tamara, solid rhythm section of Gregor Mulvey and Andy B. But of course you can’t leave out the mini bearded Iggy Pop-like Evil Dick. Once again he gave another theatrical performance, feeding off the crowds energy. The crowd loved them, so did I, and they have big fans in The New Christs as well. Rob Younger the producer of their latest album HIKIKOMORI loves how they describe their style on their Facebook page, Rock Cockhead, they do.

Next were the New Christs, Rob Younger and the lads pumped it out, high energy to deep and brooding, snap-tight and rocking. There have been many members of this band over 20 or so years, but this line up has been a constant for the last five years and they gel.

My Existencewas one song which pumped it out, and they even dug back to one of my favourites from 20 years ago Born Out of Time. A great mix of twin guitar attack, some keyboards mixed in and always that heart pumping beat. The support bands were in the crowd rocking out which really shows the respect these guys have fostered.

My ears are still ringing as I write this review, but yes the night and the 2.00am drive home through the rain was worth it.


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