Live Review: Peach Fur + The Badlands + Gramecy, Miami Shark Bar, Saturday 17 Dec 2016

Blows me away how much musical talent there is around this neck of the woods. Blessed and blissed for top notch entertainment in our little neighbourhood.

Wedge Head Entertainment has bought together two young Goldie bands and some boys from down the road in Byron. VICES Djs are spinning some tracks to warm up the evening before the bands start. First up is GRAMECY. Lead singer Jack did tell me what the name meant but it has slipped my mind, sorry. Last time I saw these guys they were looking very despondent. They were all hyped and psyched to play Liars Bar supporting Melbourne’s THE CHERRY DOLLS, who had blown me away the night before in Byron. So kick arse rocking I came back for more in Broadie. Energy off the richter scale. Alas it was a “Lemony Snicket” weekend. I learnt that term from The Cherry Dolls that night in Byron. It means “A series of unfortunate events”. Fellow Melbournians JURASSIC NARK, who last rocked it here at SHAKAFEST, were meant to play on The Dolls tour but “events” left them stuck in Melbourne. And the other unfortunate snickety lemony thingi was that Gramecy had been double booked to support The Dolls on their GC gig so didn’t get to play with them either. Bugger. Planets all out of wack.

Well the Gramecy guys are firing on all cylinders tonight. Deep, moody bluesy rock straight out of the trippy 70’s. Jim Morrison would be grooving in his grave. Fuzzy, gravelly, sultry. Desert Song and Midnight Witch are mixed in with some improv jamming. Money Jungle, Silver Tongue and Blanket grab us by the proverbial, smack us in the face and kick us to kingdom come. A howling good time. 

So the guys from THE BADLANDS have been on my radar for a while. There’s just something raw, ballsy, in your face, no frills straight out rock about them. A bit of attitude.. but hey. Pretty Little Things and Wildfire get the crowd stomping. But it’s the brilliant intense Shotgun Preacher and the impassioned screeching of Fire in the Love that get you all fired up and crazy-like. Sometimes it’s good to be bad. 

Rounding out the night are the young local guns PEACH FUR. These guys also rocked the hell out at Miami’s SHAKAFEST. So many good bands and heaps of friendships have formed from this event. The Furs, or The Peachies, are launching their single Rough as Guts.  I had a few words with singer Denny who was suffering from the same persistent scratchy as hell cough as I. You wouldn’t know it once on stage though. Belting out their infectious reggae, psych rock infused tunes. Definitely not rough as guts. As sweet as honey. As tasty as peaches. A very funky set. Sticky Fingers come to mind but they’re in the bad books at the moment. Only good books and good vibes here tonight.

Thank you all.

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