The line leading up to Coolangatta Hotel told everyone else looking on that the gig was sold out. There wasn’t a car park free around the busy venue, and the band room felt packed, for good reason. San Cisco were touring their sophomore LP ‘Gracetown’, and they chose to stop by the Gold Coast before playing two sold out shows in Brisbane. The band was relaxing in their green room while their support acts played, and we got talking about band rooms on the tour. Jordi and Scarlett laughed, because one of the previous shows saw them warm up in a Womens Mental Institution before going on stage, which they found super creepy. Meanwhile, fellow WA act Methyl Ethel got the crowd moving to their swirling, ethereal indie pop. San Cisco rolled on stage around 10:30, and delved straight in to Golden Revolver from their debut EP.

Jordi mentioned that he loves playing Coolangatta Hotel, and by the smile etched into his face when San Cisco took the stage, I’d believe it. They had a relaxed feel on stage, interacting with each other as effortlessly as they did backstage. All the girls along the front barrier knew every line, singing with Jordi as he wove his melodies with Scarlett’s vocals while she kept the beat. Their tracks sound just as summery and bright live as they do on their new LP. One of the standouts from their set was new track Super Slow, a hazy track that finds Jordi and Scarlett crossing over vocals in a classic call and response style that dripped with pop. The crowd went nuts for Awkward earlier in the night, and Run turned up after Super Slow to close the set. And no, Jordi definitely doesn’t do the panting live! While the band grooved around the stage to Run, a girl slipped past security and ran to Jordi, arms outstretched. Security successfully intercepted the girl before she could grab ahold of the lead singer, but the whole affair just left the band laughing. The band came back on to finish the night with Skool and their hit single Fred Astaire. The song was so popular that the band found themselves almost drowned out entirely by the crowd singing back.


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