Live Review: Shihad + The Sinking Teeth @ The Zoo, 09.09.14

Many years ago, when I was a young lad and discovering many bands for the first time, I was given a copy of the Big Day Out 96 CD showcasing some of the acts on the bill that year.

The one track that struck a chord with me was Deb’s Night Out by New Zealand band Shihad, and I immediately went on a mission to find the album it was on.

That album was Killjoy, which to this day holds a place in my top 10 albums of all time and is one of my biggest musical influences. I loved how heavy it was and how the album as a whole was all killer, no filler.

Fast forward 18 years to the release of Shihad’s 9th studio album FVEY, which has seen the band return to a much heavier style then the releases which followed Killjoy. Even though I have seen Shihad countless times over the years, I was excited when the rare opportunity came up to see them perform their new album from start to finish.

We arrived just in time to see Melbourne band The Sinking Teeth put on a show that would give many other bands on the scene a run for their money and catch the attention of everybody present in the room.

By the time The Sinking Teeth finish their set the sold out room at The Zoo is packed with not only fans but also many industry big shots, keen to see the headliner do what they do best, rock the fuck out of the place.

This is something Shihad were born to do.

Front man Jon Toogood is as charismatic as ever and ignites a wave of excitement in the room before even hitting the first chord of the album opener Think You’re So Free.

FVEY translates perfectly live and the band looked like they were having the time of their lives sharing new material with the enthusiastic audience moving to every number they belt out.

After playing the last song from the album Cheap As, the band treats the room to a blistering three song encore consisting of classic tracks You Again, The General Electric and Home Again.

Shihad once again proved that they are still one of the best live bands on the scene and can still write heavy catchy tunes.


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