Live Review: Sister’s Doll + The_MOLOTOV + Bad Virtue + The Silencio

Currumbin Creek Tavern | 06.09.14

Sister’s Doll certainly picked the right venue for the Gold Coast leg of their Welcome to the Dollhouse Tour. Currumbin Creek Tavern is fully equipped with sublime sound systems mixed with a nicely elevated stage that is no doubt the envy of other venues on the Gold Coast. The Silencio warmed up the night with their half hour set that piqued everyone’s interest as they filled the room. Bad Virtue took the stage barely 15 minutes later and their punk rock reverberated throughout the room, their whole set being readily accepted by the crowd, especially due to a surprise cover of Guns N’ Roses.

This busy five-piece boasted a tight sound that brought together multiple genres into one distinctive sound. Paul Burridge powered through the set with driving beats while the rest of the band focused on getting the crowd singing along to their songs, which worked well. The crowd really got into their reimagining of The Cranberries hit song Zombie, and judging from the band’s faces the set ended too soon for them, clearly having fun interacting with the crowd.

Sister’s Doll came on just as they were advertised – with more makeup than our girlfriends, in throwback 80’s clothes and a lightshow to match. The three young members were showmen, jumping around, effortlessly pulling off guitar solos and running around for their entire 19 song set that stretched well past the 1.00am mark. Sister’s Doll loved the crowd, and the crowd reflected those feelings as adoring fans danced along to their mix of covers and originals, including one particularly good cover of a little song called Paranoid by Black Sabbath. The boys showed loads of promise, and I have no doubt when they return they’ll be stopping by Currumbin Creek Tavern again.


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