Live Review: Stav and the Dark + The Polaroids + The Vultures + Casey Duque + Jennifer Sjaan + Former Angels + New Age Notion + Smoking Martha @ Currumbin Creek Tavern, 02.05.15

More than 20 Gold Coast bands and soloists took to the stage this weekend. It was a showcase of sorts, of the variety of talent we have here on the Gold Coast, presented by Cross Fire Music and attended by an eclectic mix of true music lovers from across the length of the coast.

Unfortunately Blank had no writers in attendance. But when one of the punters (and also performer) shared on Facebook his top acts from the day we couldn’t help but pounce and ask him to tell us why… and then this happened.

It started as a ‘5 GC bands you must see live’ kind of deal, but it ended up being a little more.

Steve Dalouche told us it was a long day and night. “But made it so easy to stay the whole way through ‘cuz of so many great acts,” and it seems most punters would agree. Here’s how three of the other artists reviewed their peers…


Stav and the Dark

Welcome to a world of high energy rock led by female vocalist Stav Giouzelis.

She has a voice that could be heard over as many Marshall stacks as you could fit on stage: an energetic singer that takes no prisoners Stav sings the blues, she sings soul and she sings rock ‘n’ roll like no other. With her boys in black supplying the stomping riffs, blazing guitar solos and low lying bass lines following the beat of the drums – Ryan Murr.


The Polaroids

The Polaroids write songs, any songwriter wishes they could write. They’v got super catchy hooks, melody after melody, they’ve got a lead guitarist that can make his guitar sing in all the right ways… The boys in the band would barely be 18 years of age and already show so much potential. Their songs structures reminded me of the Beatles, Oasis even Artic Monkeys. But they also keep it very original and very exiting! – Ryan Murr.


The Vultures‪

‪This band is from another world. Every time I see The Vultures live, the stage gets covered in female underwear. Liam the lead singer also lead guitarist is one of the the most talented singers I have seen on the local scene. He plays his guitar in ways – you cant help but dance . Bassist Jay makes sure the crowd is entertained – this guy has more moves then James Brown oh yeah, and all while he’s playing bass guitar. Its something you have to see to understand. They have released two EPs both full of catchy songs with catchy guitar licks, grooving drums, and choruses that you cant help but to sing along to – Ryan Murr.


‪Casey Duque

‪One of the most genuine singer songwriters the Gold Coast has to offer. I was drawn to his story telling as soon as he started the first song. He had a way to sing so peaceful whilst having the whole venue drawn to his presence. No smoke no lights no band just a man with a big heart, one guitar and a story to tell. The whole venue was mesmerised by this man. He was singing very positive songs about love, family and truth. An amazing gift to the music scene – Ryan Murr. 


‪Jennifer Sjaan

‪Last night Jenny brought the house down with her original songs, proudly presenting the launch of her Brand new EP Home Tonight. Her songs, with anthem-like choruses brought a smile to everyone’s face that was lucky enough to witness this great performance. By the time it was Jenny’s turn to play, Currumbin Creek Tavern was packed so once she took to the stage she fed on the crowd’s enthusiasm which made for a great performance… definitely an artist to go see if you get the chance – Ryan Murr.


Former Angels

I thought i was back in 88 when these boys walked on to set up… Looking the part… I was excited to see what they would sound like? A nicely choreographed intro to get our attention, and then the riffs started. Ryan, lead vocalist/guitar gets your attention by his theatrical and captivating eye stares… I think he made eye contact with every one in that room at some stage. Big vocals and catchy melodies, I knew this was gonna be good! George the lead guitarist, my highlight, shredding like a Breville mixer missing no note, blew me away. Nice tight rhythm section to complement this NEW and exciting rock band. All singing backing vocals, another highlight, filling the room with sound! For a rocker like me it took me back to 1988 and made me happy that the youth of today are still highly influenced by the great rock bands! On my radar… Follow these guys! – Stav Giouzelis.


New Age Notion

These guys are a quirky mix of pop-punk sensibilities with some dark mountain of genre. Their originals were impressive, poppy but with a touch of melancholy to add to the bittersweet recipe of the group. The vocals were very powerful and all three singers were used to great effect. Their covers were very consistent with their sound and were the only time during their 30 minute set the group wore their influences on their sleeve. We left wanting to be more like them – The Polaroids‪.



Smoking Martha

These guys took the stage like true professionals, the rock solid band driving the melodic riffs with ease. Jordon Poynter on drums was setting the pace with his powerhouse clock work on the skins. Both guitars locked together creating a very powerful sound. Another great front woman leading the band ahead with a unique vocal performance – Ryan Murr.

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Rock. And. Roll.

(Feature image is a crowd shot provided by Ryan Murr)

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