Live Review: STOMP | The Star | Thursday 31 May 2018

We were well and truly stomped on at the opening performance of the award-winning stage show STOMP last night at The Star Gold Coast.

The lights illuminated the giant two-tier industrial-looking stage made up of a collection of bins, saucepans, old street signs, piping, corrugated iron sheets, plastic drums and car parts.  It was huge, intriguing and an indication we would be witnessing some unique percussive magic.

A solo broom sweeper entered the stage and was quickly joined by the rest of his broom-clad clan, then over the next 100 minutes they created high-energy rhythmic noise with absolutely anything and everything they could find which could make a sound.  It was non-traditional and nothing was off the table as they masterfully played with the sounds and crafted rhythms from their bodies, brooms, lighters, sticks, bins, pans, giant rubber tubes, paper, shopping trolleys and even the kitchen sink!

There were no words, no music and no band, just the incredibly energetic troupe with their hilariously funny and perfectly timed choreography, banging, crashing and thrashing.  At one point we were asked to replicate a quick-paced clapping routine which took us way too many attempts to nail and left the audience in stitches.  The kitchen sink scene was a stand-out moment when four of the cast members created sounds from their water-filled sinks while splashing water out over an unsuspecting laughing crowd.

These guys have so much fun together and it was hard not to be infected by the explosive feel-good rhythm they created.  Foot stomping, raucous laughter and ear-splitting clapping spread through the audience like wildfire many times during the performance and it was very easy to see why STOMP is award-winning and still going strong after 24 years.

Witty, funny, high-energy, engaging and captivating, STOMP is an all-ages show and is one not to be missed.   Grab a group and see what all the noise is about this weekend, you will not be disappointed.


STOMP is at The Star for only five more performances on Friday 1 June at 8 pm, Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June at both 2 pm & 8 pm.

Don’t miss out and purchase your last minute tickets here.

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