Live review: The Lime Spiders | The Soundlounge, 14 December

Seminal Oz garage-psych exponents The Lime Spiders (once described as sounding like “the Sex Pistols on acid”) were about two thirds of the way through their set when singer and founding member Mick Blood, the only original member of the band in tonight’s line up, paused to pay homage to the city of the Gold Coast and it’s live music devotees, whose unwavering, long time support for the band once again saw them welcomed with open arms from their devoted throng, many of whom were no doubt there way-way back at the tail end of the 80’s, when this reviewer first witnessed their incendiary power in the flesh.

Tonight’s performance marks a rebirth in the bands existence, with Blood enlisting the services of a new line up to reinterpret the swathe of Spiders’ classics. With the volume at not quite the ear melting levels of yore, combined with Bloods present day performing limitations (related to a physical assault in 2014), this was perhaps a more measured take on their recorded legacy. Fan fave ‘My Favourite Room’ made an early appearance, as the band locked in and the throng down the front got sweaty as the classics are peeled off, with a rousing ‘Outta Control’, a crowd lifting ‘Action Woman’ and a crunchy ‘Volatile’ all drawing strong reactions.

The bands current guitarist emanates from the axe shredding side of the six string spectre (his Hendrix t shirt and the cover of ‘Stone Free’ that turned up in the latter part of the set were perhaps a giveaway), with his outstanding chops regularly lifting songs into orbit, together with the odd bit of showmanship – at one stage he reverted to playing a solo with his teeth.

The band’s affinity with gnarly 60’s garage is also a well documented aspect of their legacy and tonight we’re treated to a rousing take on The Wimple Winchs’ underground garage classic, ‘Save My Soul’.

There’s a few false starts an missed cues, with ‘Just One Solution’ not quite rising to previous highs. But the fact that Blood is even up there playing at all is a credit to the man and his tenacity, so the crowd, a pleasing mixture of original fans as well as a bunch of fresh face new converts, are generally reverential and lap up the spectacle of a Lime Spiders gig in 2019 in all of its ragged glory.

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