Live Review | The Strums + Cherry Dolls, Alhambra Lounge, 23.05.15

The Strums are a rock and roll band. We know that much already. But they’re also friendly and social as well as down to earth and laid back.  They supported Cherry Dolls at a packed out and very rad night at the Alhambra Lounge in Fortitude Valley one Saturday night in May.

I was impressed with how much Jai (vocals / guitar) had gone out of his way to be extra interactive, talkative and welcoming while the crowd danced with his beautiful wife Lisa on the dance floor as the crowd moved to the energy and astounding strokes of this Brisbane / Gold Coast three-piece.

But the main act were The Cherry Dolls. This 60`s Inspired 5 piece are cruisy, genuine, charismatic, attractive, laid back and very easy to talk to.

They have swagger as well as a funky yet grungy and cool fashion sense. Hailing from Melbourne these rock and rollers are vocalist Josh Aubry, dual guitarists Lachie Gilmore and Jakob Kagan, bass player Mick Byers and drummer Thomas Van Der Vliet.

Their infectious vibe covers rock and indie rock with smooth hints of blues provided by ferocious electric guitars, warm sensual vocals and energizing and intense bass sounds. To say they are crowd pleasers would be an understatement when every one in the room is dancing, head banging and even joining them on the stage for the last song.

You might even describe their show as a touch wild when Josh and Jakob got down and dirty ferociously singing and playing guitar while rolling around on the stage floor offering up energy to a welcoming audience.

The Alhambra Lounge is a fantastic venue; open and spacious with a great view of the stage from all angles, including comfy couches to sink into and a heap of other seating options alongside the massive dancefloor.

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