On the back of their new single, Walkholme City, The Vultures descended with three supports to play the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Hotel to a crowd of friends and fans. The Maslows kicked off the proceedings with a mix of tracks with reference points in the 90’s, from legendary acts like Smashing Pumpkins, Powderfinger and the Seattle Grunge scene. Stav and The Dark stepped in to take over Kip Casper’s set, and they were awesome. Stav’s lead vocals thickened the groove being played by The Dark and gave the crowd a chance to dance along to their blend of Rock and Ballad-esque vocals. Galagher kept time behind the kit like a metronome, looking like a bigger, musclier Angry Anderson.

Smoking Martha came out to a crowd of wolf whistlers and dedicated fans on the barrier as they stomped through their set, warming up to Coolangatta Hotel quickly. Their hardk rock with a punk edge picked the crowd up from Stav and The Dark, preparing them for the incredible live set that The Vultures were about to deliver. The band knew how to use the stage as they jumped up onto their foldbacks to showcase their solos.

It crept past 11 as The Vultures got on stage, thanking the support acts. Their sense of professionalism stretched from their banter between songs, to their presence and sound on stage. Somehow, Liam Bowditch has honed his guitar and vocals skills even more since their last tour, giving the band a better-than-the-record sound live. Jay Varudo’s wireless system allowed him to run through the audience and play on the stage barrier. Eleven Fifteen rolled by, and their latest single Walkholme City was mind-blowing live. Shot Me Down closed their set, before being called back by the crowd to play more. A killer cover of Uptown Funk from Mark Ronson. The whole crowd sung along, and it was by far the best cover of that song (and there have been heaps!) I’ve heard.

Since then, the band has driven over 850km in the past two days on their tour down to Melbourne, stopping by Yamba, Newcastle and Sydney before rounding off with 3 back to back shows in Victoria later this week.

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