Live Review: Von Villains @ elsewhere | 22 May 2015

It’s been a little while since we heard anything of locals Von Villains but they are back with their latest offering appropriately named 5 minutes.

This brand new track will take up more than that but you don’t need a full five minutes to let it sink in and ask for more.

If you like a punchy bass line, heavy drums, sweet vibrant guitar and wildly gruff vocals this track is the precise formula that will have you quivering for more.

Combining just the right amount of punk, sugar, cowbell and cool to make you want to dance into the sunset and party into the next few days.  Which is exactly what happened to most of the punters who came along to their launch event at elsewhere at the end of May.

The Von Villains packed out a sweaty dance floor and had girls and boys alike swooning over their entire set. As they broke into their latest, 5 Minutes the crowd was transported to a parallel universe where punk is very much alive. Crisp and new, this juicy new track is reminiscent of post Y2K punk rockers The Strokes but with much more sass and tonnes more flavour.

Von Villains dominated the stage entertaining a salivating audience with their hilarious stage banter, outrageously fun vocals and perfectly timed chaotic band dynamics.

After their long awaited return it’s pretty clear that this track is sure to set them on the road to stardom. It is fresh, wildly addictive and best listened to loud.

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NOTE: The Blank team were so engrossed in the music, we neglected to take photos. This happens more regularly than you’d think.


Yanina Benavidez






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