Live Review: Waxhead + Ivey + Idiio + GD FRNDS DJS , Shark Bar, Saturday 22 October

Waxhead headlined another great night hosted by the team at GD FRNDS.

It was a typical Sharky Saturday with a rowdy as local crew vibing high on the bands that night.

Idiio opened the stage.  A band truly on the rise, these guys will be playing national headlining shows in no time. They picked up a whole lot of new fans and friends that night, and even came to impress those that followed them on the stage.

IVEY were back from their world conquering and their demanding performance saw the whole crowd erupt into full party in preparation for Waxhead.

Waxhead ruled the stage and left the crowd more than begging for more. It’s always a pleasure to experience Byron bands on the coast and to know it was their only show on the coast for 2016 made it even more special than it was intended. It was certainly a night to remember, there is no doubt there will be many more nights of partying with our GD FRNDS and theirs too.


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