Living the fine life with Floating Bridges

Floating Bridges are a seven-piece roots band hailing from the Sunshine Coast and have just dropped your summer anthem for 2016, Finer Things in Life.  Mella had a quick chat to Dale Mallet, vocalist and percussionist, who made some time in between Floating Bridges’ busy gig schedule.

Let’s talk about your latest single Finer Things in Life.  What inspired that song?

This song is one of the first songs that I wrote myself. I travelled a lot last year and spent a lot of time on the guitar, taught myself a few chords, got more in-depth with writing music.  I also moved to Coolum, which is a nice town and has a good vibe.

This song is about taking a chill pill, stepping back but pushing yourself to do things that make you happy. I was getting home from work and I lived so close to the beach but wasn’t experiencing it or enjoying it, I would sit down and watch a movie or the telly instead. I get a lot more inspiration from being outdoors. 

Any plans for a new album? 

Plans for an EP.  We don’t want to put too much pressure on ourselves to release an album as we put a lot of time and effort into our past two albums. Right now we are theming our album and have a handful of songs that fit well. An EP will be on the cards next year, but we want to put the time and effort to create quality songs rather than putting songs out just for the sake of it.

You are playing a gig at Miami Marketta early Feb 2017.  What can the audience expect?

Towards the end of this year we may release another single we have a couple of tracks and we are just deciding which one to release next. We played Miami Marketta two years ago and we are keen to get back, as there is always a crowd, which is great exposure.—


Floating Bridges play the Boundary Hotel in Brisbane on 14 January and Miami Marketta on 3 February.



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