Lloyd Spiegel talks This Time Tomorrow

Lloyd Spiegel has to be one of the hardest working guys in blues. Although it’s been six years since his last studio album, with the amount of touring he does, fans can probably consider themselves lucky that he even found time to manage that! This Time Tomorrow is his ninth offering, and returns Spiegel to his gut bucket blues roots. We spoke to the blues master ahead of his gig at Soundlounge in July.

Last time we chatted you had a custom Cole Clark guitar to give away to a lucky fan. Who did it go to and did you get to see their reaction when they won it?

It was actually won by a fan who lives about 30 minutes from me so I got the thrill of delivering it personally. It couldn’t have worked out any better really. He’s a long time fan and played a little guitar as a younger man so hopefully the win inspired him to get back into it.

How does This Time Tomorrow represent where you currently are on your musical journey?

I’ve always worn three hats. Guitarist, blues artist and songwriter and all my previous works seemed to focus on one of those elements. I had always struggled with putting lyrics I liked into a blues form and with my songwriter material, which sits outside the blues, the guitar took a back seat. This Time Tomorrow blends the three. Probably for the first time in my career.

Can you tell us about some of the characters who make an appearance in the new album?

I guess most of the characters are different versions of myself. I feel and act completely different in Germany than I do in Kansas City and different again at home. I battle between family man and touring muso a lot and much of this album is venting that. There’s a bunch of old friends in there too and they often creep in because I’m reconnecting with them at the time.

Tell us about your recent Bluesfest experience.

I had played some of the big US festivals so I thought I knew what to expect but performing at an event on that scale in Australia really kind of knocked me out. I have often said that when a festival is run so well that the only thing an artist needs to worry about is putting on a great show, you’ll get the very best from that artist and Bluesfest does just that. I had never been to Bluesfest but it felt like going home.

For people who haven’t seen you live, what are some things they can expect from your show on the Gold Coast?

I’ve worked hard on the new songs so I can present them as honestly as possible. This show is much more dynamic that any solo show I’ve ever done and I guess the fact that these songs were never performed live prior to this tour gives me the little rush I need to get more from my performance.

You can catch Lloyd Speigel at Soundlounge on 22 July

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