Local printer turns rubbish into resource        

Meet the Gold Coast printer championing sustainable business practices for the good of the planet.

The irony of being a ‘greenie’ in the print industry isn’t lost on Richard Wynne, owner of RW Promotion (RWP) in Bundall. “There’s just so much waste” he says. He’s introduced environmentally friendly practices across all facets of his business. “It’s everybody’s corporate responsibility to impact the environment as minimally as possible.” According to Richard it makes business sense; “it’s not only good for the environment, it saves money.”

RWP provide a range of print and design solutions. They also offer on-site collection for recycling programs like Planet Ark. By making recycling more accessible Richard is compelling customers to reconsider what they throw away. “It’s a really exciting time because people are starting to care more” he says.

RWP proudly offer recycling for corflute, a rigid plastic used in sign making. Richard responded to an advertisement about recycling in his supplier’s catalogue.

“I contacted them and it took months to get it out of them.” The upshot is customers can now return used corflute signs which they reuse or send back to the manufacturer for recycling.

RWP recycle an estimated 95% of their waste. They aim to innovate and at a minimum employ the ‘3 Rs’ (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to minimise stock waste and where possible give materials another life before recycling. Small efforts like repurposing packaging for postal orders and donating sticker offcuts to schools all help to lighten their overall footprint.

As a society we have the ability to recover more resources from our waste. The ripple effect of RWP promoting their environmental practices is that awareness has spread beyond staff and customers, to industry peers and the wider community. This affirms Richard’s philosophy that “the passionate few aren’t going to make a huge difference, it’s the changing of the general population through education that will make a big difference.” As more regions set official targets to advance towards zero waste – Sydney along with 22 other global cities now – redesigning waste systems will undoubtedly help us accelerate towards a more sustainable future.

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