London Grammar Not Wasting Their Young Years

London Grammar are a band on the rise worldwide.

From receiving early Australian airplay to being hurtled around the globe with their debut LP If You Wait, the British trio have made their mark on the international scene with their emotive yet minimalistic sound that opens hearts worldwide. Guitarist Dan Rothman took a late call on the other side of the world with Kyle Butcher to talk about their second upcoming Australian tour.

It’s 10.00pm over in England when I connect through to Dan Rothman. His laid back attitude is infectuous, and a shine of excitement breaks through when I mention their upcoming Australian shows, especially given that their Splendour in The Grass Shows in 2014 were cancelled due to illness in the band.

“Australia this time is literally the last thing we have in our calendars. Obviously that wasn’t our intention, because we were supposed to come back and play Splendour in the Summer, but I think every cloud has its silver lining and it’s nice to be able to come out and play what will probably be very memorable shows for us. We really regretted having to pull out of our slot,” Dan said.

“It wasn’t our intention to let anyone down, and we are just excited to come back and play some more shows.”

London Grammar has only toured Australia once before; they were cutting their teeth with evening slots at Falls Music and Arts Festival. But they were among the first to grace the new stage known as The Ampitheatre in Byron Bay Parklands, and when they asked the floodlights to be brought up to see the people, they were blown away by the 10,000+ crowd.

“It was pretty interesting and exhilarating to be honest, being our first time. It was weird for us because we had this crazy success in Australia without really knowing anything about it, and it happening in this ridiculously organic way that just seemed to happen without much of our input. Everything just blew us away, from the country, to the people and the shows. I still remember that show, it’d still be my favourite gig we have ever played. I remember that trip really fondly. ”

London Grammar are a band that are not wasting their young years, and Rothman hints at what we can expect from them after this Australian tour.

“We’re already toying with things and doing bits and pieces of writing. We’ve more or less gone straight back into the studio, not with any motive of making a record or anything like that but just for the fun of being back in the studio, after it being so long,” he said.

I think after the Australian tour we’ll have some time off and we’ll just take it leisurely. Our approach to things now is to just see how it feels at the time and go from there.”


London Grammar play Riverstage, Brisbane on Saturday 7 March

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