Loop pedal ninja

Loop pedal ninja Kenta Hayashi makes the trek from Japan to Gold Coast for Buskers by the Creek. We wanted to know why.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your background in music?

I started with rock. After I moved to California, I was very into funk and blues. Now I’m very into electronic music. I mix all the genres and flavors I’ve been experiencing with my loop pedal live as a one-man band sound.

There’s a big difference between playing club shows and busking. What do you have in mind for your Buskers by the Creek show next month? 

I’ve busked in Europe, U.S, Japan, Asia and Australia. Yes it’s very different, however I think every single show is different. So I’m very excited to feel and enjoy Buskers by the Creek and do a musical adventure with you!

This Australian visit is part of a world tour. You’ve been to Europe and UK, Asia and Australia – How do people outside of Japan react to your music? 

Usually I get more responses outside of Japan. I think the reason is that I lived in California for eight years and my music taste is way different from regular Japanese. So I love playing overseas!

What’s been your favourite show to date? 

It’s hard to pick one, but I’d say playing at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in Japan with my many favorite bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, James Blake, Kamasi Washington was awesome! But I enjoy all the shows I play.

You’ve been to Australia before. What do you love most about performing here? 

Oh everything! The energy from the audience is great. The energy comes up from the beautiful landscape. I always discover something new while I’m touring in Australia which is very important as an artist.

Where can people buy / listen to your music?

The best way is, come enjoy my show and get one or more! Otherwise my videos on YouTube, music on all kinds of websites like iTunes and Spotify.


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15 – 16 October, Buskers By The Creek

18 October, Cambus Wallace

23 October, Itoshin (restaurant)


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