LOS SCALLYWAGGS: Fuzzing it up at the Shark Bar this Sunday

Nefarious fuzz-busters LOS SCALLYWAGGS are currently causing a serious ruckus with garage surf aficionados and taste-makers alike. At the tail end of a national tour and having recently dropped their hot-as-shit second record, ‘Bad Bones Bad Habits’, Anthony Gebhardt fired off a few questions to drummer Nat Tyrrell  ahead of their highly anticipated show at the Miami Shark Bar this Sunday (together with The Cherry Dolls outta Melbourne.)

Q) Where do you hail from and how did you all get into the music caper?

We come from a small town in NSW called Forster and were all good buddies that enjoyed the same style of music and loved playing so it seemed appropriate to play together.

Q) Are you pleased with how the new record turned out? And have the new songs been getting a good response in the live realm?

We are super pumped with the recordings and because we recorded them all ourselves we feel that we have complete ownership of them. The songs are really fun to play live and I think the people that have been coming to our shows are having a hell time!

Q) You’re about to hit the Gold Coast for a much anticipated show at the Miami Shark Bar (aka ‘The Sharkie’) What can we expect from the LOS SCALLYWAGGS live experience?

Average banter, loud noises, heaps of beers and a bloody good time.

Q) Who are your top 3 fave Aussie bands right now? And what is the least obvious band or artist that has influenced your music?

Top three favs would have to be King Gizzard, Crocodylus and Drunk Mums and I think the least obvious influence would be Jay Retard. His music has a massive impact on how we structure our songs and the way he records his music with so many layers inspires us. Sadly he passed away a few years ago but his music will never die..RIP.

Q) How’s the big national tour been going so far? And if push comes to shove, what’s the craziest or most memorable gig you’ve played so far?

The tour has been sick! All the shows have been a hell time. I think our first show in Newcastle was epic. All our buddies were there running amuck and causing havoc. Adelaide was also mental. We like Adelaide a lot!

Q) After this tour how is the rest of the year shaping up for the band?

We have a couple of support shows which will be fun, then we’re going to start writing a heap more music for another record and play some fezzy line-ups. Keepin’ busy!

Be sure to catch LOS SCALLYWAGGS as they ruck amuck as part of their Bad Bones Bad Habits tour at the Miami Shark Bar this Sunday, 17 September. The killler line-up also features the hard rocking Cherry Dolls, outta Melbourne, as well as Stone Witches and Liquid Face.

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