Local Lou’s mission to paint the town yellow

This week Gold Coast local Lou McGregor went back to her creative routes by launching a new Brand, PR and Creative advisory agency that promises to help businesses find their ‘yellow’.

The yellow, according to Lou, is the heart beat of the business that will lay a solid foundation, crucial to long term success, and differentiate from competitors. Finding this, owning it and creating a compelling story around it is the magnet to attracting customers.

Lou is no stranger to the brand and creative world.  For 15 years she was Co-Director of successful creative agency P’s in a Pod which worked with local companies such as Gold Coast Tourism, Southport Sharks, Tafe Queensland and TSS plus launched in the UK winning accounts to managed the campaigns of Britain’s number one tourism destination.

Following P’s in a Pod, Lou stepped back into the corporate world with Broadbeach Alliance attracting major sponsorship for our cities biggest free events, Groundwater Country Music Festival, Blues on Broadbeach and Gold Coast Superhero Weekend whilst also managing the rebrand of Groundwater Country Music Festival and PR campaigns.

When Covid_19 hit earlier in 2020 Lou witnessed first hand the devastating effect this had on many of our local businesses and did what she could to garner as much publicity as possible for them individually.

“Business owners in 2020 felt like they’ve had a big concrete wall shoved up over night right in front of them with their ‘norm’ turned completely on it’s head and an overwhelming pressure to either pivot fast or forget everything,” expresses Lou.

However, she does believe that this has actually come with benefits for some.

“I’ve seen some businesses that have been around and running the same operation for 10 years + come completely alive over this period.  They’ve reinvented themselves; their entire marketing activities, had time to think about who they are, what they want to be and have a renewed spring in their step again”

Lou believes when forced to think outside the box, the mind can be opened to bigger thinking, greater visions and help shed the complacency that is easy to follow into when doing ‘what we’ve always done.’

Finding Yellow Co opened its doors on 1 July and is already getting enquiries from both local and UK businesses who are looking to rebrand and reposition themselves for the latter part of 2020.

Operating a different style of agency model, Finding Yellow Co, in addition to its niche of brand and PR strategy, connects with a whole array of the best creative, strategic and digital minds in the the industry but guides and manages the entire process for each individual client cutting out any guess work in this complicated industry. Whilst achieving a cohesive and consistent outcome, this also allows the agency to be nimble and work according to the budgets of varying clients.

The Finding Yellow Co premises are located inside The 4217 in Surfers Paradise and, in empathy of the businesses of 2020, also has its very own big concrete wall.  This one however is of course, painted yellow!

Find more info about Lou McGregor and this project here.

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