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Dear Summer,

After being out of the dating scene for many years, I have recently started dating online. I am on a few sites and having no luck, and feel like I’m wasting my time. With so much choice why can’t I find anyone special?


Dear Alex,

Thank you for your honesty and your heartfelt question. I feel for you. Modern dating is no walk in the park, literally. Gone are the days when you found that special someone at church, the library or the grocery store. Now it’s about online dating, apps and reality TV, which suits some but not others. People are living online and through filters on their phone. Being connected to everyone and everything all the time had made us blasé and spoilt for choice, and swiping right is easier and less confronting than making eye contact with a stranger. Almost 25% of all Australians are using at least one online dating site or app.

For some online dating is just a game. An amusing way to pass the time. Making snap decisions about potentially compatible partners based on a few selfies and paragraphs, like products in a catalogue. Others find themselves online because they are isolated, lonely or bored. Then there are those who are fresh out of a relationship and looking for a quick attention fix or ego boost. These individuals are not looking for an exclusive relationship or a real connection.

People who want real connections and value their precious time hire matchmakers, so we can do the searching and screening for them. Perhaps that may suit you better.

Love from Summer Xx
Boss Lady Matchmaker @ Mate4Life.

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