Lyon Apprentice: Be Careful, but ‘Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free’

Co-inciding with their EP Launch at Elsewhere this past Thursday, Lyon Apprentice released the new music video for Be Careful. As we have come to expect from Adam and Nathan Lyons, this was another job well done. With simple, yet stunning, visuals and an impactive use of lighting Be Careful‘s music video reflects the song itself. Keeping busy the band is headed overseas in May to tour North America and play the Music Matters Live Festival in Singapore. In between filming and releasing music videos, creating their own record label Canvas Sounds, working with their band Fairchild Republic and preparing for the upcoming tour they have managed to organise an EP Launch.

The EP Launch began with Ellie Hopley, a solo artist who has been working in the Gold Coast music scene for a few years now – recognisable by her powerfully delicate voice. She was followed by Pirates of the Tempest(Gabrielle), usually a one woman band, that was joined on stage by a female drummer. While Gabrielle’s energy was great, and the swell of her voice filled Elsewhere, it was her drummer I found quite captivating. Smiling and grooving along, she injected fun into the set.

The third act was Gold Coast local Calan Mai. One thing that I always appreciate about this artist is his Australian accent. It is rare these days to hear Aussie artists sound like Aussie artists and Calan Mai is a stellar example of how you can sound natural and still have a beautifully destructive live set. I say destructive because my mind was blown when he performed a cover of Eminem’s Stan. One punter was so impressed he performed a standing backflip! With an impressive vocal range and honest songs, Calan Mai is definitely someone to keep an ear out for.

Last, but definitely not least, Lyon Apprentice took to the stage. With the same echoing surge of sound as their recorded tracks they were just as captivating as their songs. Using a drummer for their live show allowed the guys to really shine, with the boys swapping instruments at one point – a rare moment in the spotlight for pianist Nathan Lyons, literally, as it was rather dark where the keyboards were set up. After a stunning cover of The XX’s song Angels the band played Beautiful Thought, which washed through the crowd, and finished on I Will Find You; a song that never fails to make my heart ache.

If you missed the EP Launch you should probably book a ticket to catch these guys on tour – otherwise buy their EP and listen to it while berating yourself for not seeing them live, as they are well worth it!

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