Maggie Rogers: Live review | The Tivoli | 30 May 2019

The Maryland native has come a long way since her debut EP ‘Now that the Light Is Fading’.

Following many festival appearances and after making her Sydney Opera House debut the day prior, Maggie Rogers was still riding on a high. She kept the energy high at the Tivoli show, playing her early singles ‘Dog Years’ and ‘On and Off’. Maggie continues to showcase maturity and growth in her songwriting. Watching how she played and how the crowd reacted, I thought the same thing I did with her Splendour In the Grass performance: she’s a rare pop talent who is gifted with true songwriting abilities. In her electronic-dance sonic aesthetic, she powered through with her vintage-sounding voice reminiscent of female artists such as Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin; a unique modern artist.

After ‘Retrograde’, she was humbled by the reception of her fans, feeling thankful that her early career is not defined by the success of ‘Alaska’. She said she felt honoured by the opportunity to be on stage every night; to be vulnerable and the space to express her emotions was not something she took for granted. Before she followed with ‘Lights On’, she saw the sea of phones recording snapshots of her performance, though she acknowledged how important it is to share these moments, she reminded everyone the importance of staying in the present and enjoy the moment they are in together. Maggie’s Brisbane debut was perfectly curated to create that specific intimacy and euphoric feeling that these songs projects.

Looking at faces in the crowd, the different demographics from the youth to the elderly, it is safe to say that Maggie’s music transcends any barriers we have as individuals, as she transports unity and joy and will continue to dominate in the modern pop era. With Maggie leading the wave, we’re convinced we’ll continue to see more and more female pop songwriters owning the stage.

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