Magic Stripped Bare

Described as R-Rated magic at its stunning best, The Naked Magicians is an evening of comedy, magic and – to put it bluntly – full frontal nudity. Natalie O’Driscoll spoke with co-creator and co-star Mike Tyler about the magical journey which saw two humble professional magicians go from happily performing for daytime TV and corporate gigs to strolling bare-arsed down the naughty path.

“Well we’ve both been magicians for eight or nine years each, and the night we met Chris(topher Wayne) came up and asked to see me doing some trickery,” explains Mike.

“I stole his watch and we became best mates after that. We did some fully clothed things together first. We created the show around what would Magic Mike be like if it had real magic in it. We wanted to appeal to an audience that wouldn’t go see a ‘normal’ magic show.”

Appeal is something which neither magician is lacking, if their hordes of female fans are anything to go by. The decision to get naked in front of a crowd was probably made easier for Mike who, as a competitive swimmer, was used to getting his gear off in public.

“We’re not strippers or exhibitionists but we are comfortable in our own skin and it’s amazing what getting in front of an audience of hundreds can do for your confidence. Chris and myself firstly had to get together with a photographer, standing next to each other with the top hats and a [fake] rabbit covering our naked bits. It was a bit strange because we were mates and had never seen each like that before. We figured that since we’d be doing these shows we’d better get comfortable getting naked in front of each other!”

At the age of 31, Mike is considered one of Australia’s favourite and most successful entertainers performing over 250 “clothed” shows for the biggest companies and sporting teams in the country. He has performed countless times to millions of people on TV in Australia, New Zealand, and USA while performing magic in 10 countries around the world. Now for their Gold Coast shows at The Arts Centre the guys are doing one night of back to back performances. I wonder if they ever get exhausted.

“We don’t get tired. We’ve had a lot of experience last year we did about 40 cities around the world… a lot of them were back to back in the same night and it’s a high energy show. Once you get on stage you kind of forget all that kind of thing.”

And are the later night performances a bit raunchier at all?

Mike chuckles. “Every single show we do gets crazy. Everyone’s got that jar of naughtiness we like to grab and shake up regardless of whether it’s an early or late one.”

It’s not just a strip show with card tricks, however. Both magicians are proficient at their craft and are keen to incorporate a sense of humour into the proceedings. Mike gives a personal guarantee.

“I promise you an incredible magic show, one of the funniest shows you’ve ever seen, and full frontal nudity. We like to make the audience work for it a bit though, you’ve got to laugh at our jokes!”

“We’ve both had our own solo careers, and I’ve done lots of comedy hypnosis. There won’t be any hypnosis in this show though so the audience doesn’t have to worry. We’re the only ones getting naked on stage. There’s a bit of mentalism in the show and some amazing magic: a knife throw, some dangerous tricks, a straight jacket escape. We’re doing a world first trick too, that happens entirely in the audience’s hands.”

Sounds both worrisome and promising. I am forced by both the subject matter and an increasing sense of sauciness throughout the interview to ask if the guys have ever been tempted to come up with a little magic trick and call it Hide the Sausage.

“You should have started the interview with that question!” laughs Mike.

“Yes we play hide the bratwurst.” Not hide the cheerio?

“Hey! No cheerios in this show! Except maybe in countries where the temperature is a little cold or the air conditioning is turned up too high. Then the show is a little short, if you know what I mean.”

Unfortunately, I do.

Head to the Arts Centre Gold Coast on 26th February to see proof that good magicians don’t need sleeves, and great magicians don’t need pants.

Friday 26 February, 7.00pm & 9.30pm
Paradise Showroom, The Arts Centre Gold Coast
COST Adult $49.90
Pensioners/Seniors/Students $44.90
Groups (adults 10 or more) $44.90

VIP $79.90
– Meet and greet with The Naked Magicians
– Photo opportunity with The Naked Magicians
– Exclusive signed poster
– Reserved Seat

18+ only. Includes coarse language, sexual references and nudity.

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