Major Leagues bring ‘Good Love’ to Elsewhere

When you hear Major Leagues you can’t help but be reminded of times gone by with their unique brand of pop embedded with nostalgic undertones and low-fi production. The Brisbane-based four piece have announced their August National Tour in support of debut album ‘Good Love’. We caught up with Anna, co-front woman and guitarist ahead of the band’s Gold Coast show in August to get the low down on ‘Good Love’.

What was it like to work with producer Jonathan Boulet to bring your song to life?

Jono was really great to work with. He is just a really lovely man, which helped eliminate the nerves that accompany showing an unfinished, skeleton of a song to someone outside of the band. So, yeah, he was very chill, which took the pressure off for us to really focus on getting the songs exactly how we wanted them. He also had some really cool ideas for parts, so he was also great from the production side of things.

You latest single is very reminiscent of 90s alternative pop scene, were there specific artists that sparked you to form Major Leagues and develops this style?

Well Jaimee wrote that one. I’m not sure if that song was influenced or inspired by a specific band. But yeah, our sound is definitely influenced by a lot of 90s bands. Some of Jaimee’s favourites are Blonde Redhead, Yo La Tengo, and My Bloody Valentine.

You released your debut record ‘Good Love’ last month, what has been the response so far?

It has been nice. Like, at first I thought only our family and friends would really listen to it, but we’ve gotten some really nice messages from random people telling us how much they like it and what their favourite songs are. We have also been getting heaps of air time on community radio all around Australia which is super nice.

How would you describe the new album in three words or less? 


What song is each band members favourite and what inspired them?

I think our overall favourite is probably ‘How will the heart know’. Just cause it is pretty different from anything we’ve done before which makes it exciting to play. Also Vlada’s fiance Pete played trumpets on it so it sounds kind of epic. Another favourite of mine is ‘Jaimee and Anna’. We wrote it when I was living in Melbourne. Jaimee sent me a guitar line and I recorded vocals over the top. It was just a super nice collaboration, and we both sing on the album version.

You’ve had your music championed by some of Australia’s landmark radio stations including a Triple J and 4ZZZ here in Queensland, what’s it like knowing that your music is being shared across the country?

Definitely weird! But definitely cool. Yeah, I don’t think about it very much, but when I do it kind of wigs me out.

Your about to hit the road and go on your own headlining tour, what can your Gold Coast fans expect from your live show at Elsewhere on August 18th?

Us being excited and nervous about playing lots of new songs! So yeah, hopefully people that are coming have listened to the album haha. We’ll still play all the old club bangers though. Also expect to see some rad supports in Ivey and WHALEHOUSE. They are both great.

As a seasoned touring band, having toured previously with some great bands including San Cisco and Wild Nothing, has the band developed any pre show/on the road habits/rituals that you whenever you travel?

Hmmm, yeah there’s a few little things. If we’ve had a long drive, just like sitting down and drinking a beer is usually our first priority. Usually by that point Jake is sick of us so he’ll go for a walk and call his work to make sure they haven’t burnt down his chicken shop. Vlada and Jaimee sometimes hand-draw shirts, so they’ll do that in the green room. Then right before we play Vlada sometimes gets us to do vocal warmups that sound really stupid, then we always get a whiskey for the stage. Because it’s good for your voice and is delicious.


Major Leagues hit Elsewhere on August 18 on their ‘Good Love’ Tour.

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