Marching Powder, direct to your door

Krijn van Gils is a kite-surfing, krav maga practicing teacher, who happens to be a bit of a coffee nerd.

“We’re quite coffee the coffee snobs at our work,” he said, as we sat in Little Mermaid. “We weigh all the coffee shots and are always looking to improve our brew.”

And now he’s taken his love of coffee to the next level, launching MP Coffee. It’s a high-quality, roast-to-order coffee specifically for the home.  Krijn said it became obvious people were demanding high quality coffee for home and office use and he’s determined to fill the gap.

The coffee is ordered online, roasted to order and then couriered to homes and offices.

“It’s so fresh we actually recommend people let the coffee mature for a week,” he explained. “It’s like a wine. It needs to mature for full-flavour development. It’s why they have those one-way valves on the bag, so the gases that come out of the beans can escape.”

MP Coffee (the MP stands for Marching Powder) will offer a subscription-based service where people can get their freshly roasted coffee home-delivered.

“If you want fresh coffee delivered every second week then we’ve got the system to provide that service,” Krijn said. “It’s automated but obviously you can buy the coffee one bag at a time too.”

“We do small batch roasting – it’s a specific roast, and it’s aimed at people who want the best possible coffee.”

“I’m not trying to cut corners here, I’m 100% confident in this product – it’s high quality coffee,” Krijn said.

The price comes in just below what you’d pay for coffee beans in a café – but postage is on top of that.

“The thing is, that most people in Australia either drink instant coffee or coffee in a café. You don’t know how long it’s been since that coffee has been roasted. If you buy coffee in a supermarket it could be three months old. And the used by date in supermarkets is often over a year,” Krijn said.

“It’s really fresh, which makes it really tasty, and it’s very much full-bodied.”

The blends sound awesome too. There’s Columbian Marching Powder and there’s Good Morning Vietnam, with different roasting recipes and bean combinations for each. And it’s all small-batch roasted.

I tell Krijn I’m one of those gumbies who hasn’t invested in a ‘home coffee solution’ yet and he excitedly shows me the Aeropress, explaining that you can order 250g, 500g or 1kg bags from their website – ground for whatever machine you use.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but Krijn then explains how ‘into’ their Aeropress people get. “Yeah, you can get real nerdy with your coffee. You weigh it. You weigh the water you put in. Make sure the water you put in is around 80 degrees. There are people all over the internet who’ve perfected the skill of using the Aeropress. There’s even Aeropress world championships.”

“I’ve been making coffee at home for many years and I’ve perfected it on my little domestic coffee machine – but the thing I struggle with is finding a really high quality coffee blend to produce my coffee with,” Krijn said. “I want to make the procedure really easy – home delivery, you can’t beat it.”

And it’s not just Gold Coast and Australia getting the MP Coffee treatment. Krijn has counterparts in UK and the European mainland.

“They do exactly the same thing we do here. In the UK they use the same blends, same recipe. And from Holland we can actually distribute all over mainland Europe,” he said.

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