Marcus Blacke’s Umbrella Brain

Mella Lahina gets inside the mysterious brain of Marcus Blacke.

Where and what have you been up to these last two years?

Hanging out in NY a quite a bit, trying to adult and life correctly, dealing with NYC is never easy for me, it’s pretty overwhelming. I had dinner with Barry Humphries the other night, I found out he likes my songs. Working in my old man’s restaurant a bit, scratching my head and wondering / standing in awe of life. I try to get up early and start working most days. I made an album with Malcolm Burn. It was immensely satisfying working with him, he’s a true artist. I think we did a thing, I think it was a small spec of art.

Your press release describes your album as elusive, mysterious and evocative and I have to agree only because it seems to have appeared out of nowhere and I feel like I recognise some of the track names but they sound completely different. Am I going crazy?

The label I signed with a couple of years back didn’t have the money to do a publicity run here so American publicity was what we got. I find when I spend all day on computers emailing people and begging for attention it sucks the life out of my music, it becomes a pestilence in my life. It creates all this expectation that negatively impacts every facet of me, so I don’t do it. The label wanted to re record half of the first album, which was strange for me as those songs are really past their use by date personally speaking, but we got something in the end. I think we improved them as well so I’m glad we were pushed to do them.

You recently released a video clip to accompany your track Umbrella Brain.  What is that song about and why did you choose it to film a video clip?

The song is just another attempt to reflect the true reality of life with some wit. I like songs to remain personal to the audience. Sure you can go over them and analyse them later but I try not to alter them too much which I’m still learning how not to do. It’s probably one of my top three from the album so I just went with it.

You recently toured North America and I read a couple of your blog posts.  What do you think you learnt from that experience?

Subtle consciousness is life. Subtlety is the most underrated cosmic occurrence.

How did the USA take to your music? 

A few good shows in amongst a whole lot of horse shit, people liked the music though. I’m reclusive so in this day and age of intellectual pseudo and click bait marketing I’m far from the cheese in the mouse trap.

Would you tour the US again?

Yeah I would but one month maximum. I would also stick to the west coast. Getting to the east coast was a bastard, hahaha. I’m not good with flying.

Did you meet many people who were Trump supporters?

Yeah I did, I think it’s mainly a case of people totally frustrated with Neoliberalism, it has become a cult.

Any plans for the shows on the Gold Coast? 

Not at this stage, I do play in Brisbane occasionally though.

What’s on the horizon?

Wake up early, be grateful, be humble, make art when I can, learn every day.


Check out Marcus Blacke’s video Umbrella Brain below.

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