Marie Wilson returns to Hard Rock Cafe (after 18 years)

In 1998 Marie Wilson’s single Next Time blitzed Top 40 charts and was one of the most-played songs on Australian radio. She was nominated for two ARIA awards and went on to work with some of rock music’s greats including Bryan Adams, Mark Hudson(Aerosmith and Arif Mardin (Norah Jones). Leann Riems even recorded one of her songs.

Marie continued to release music until 2005 at which point she needed a break.

“I became disillusioned with the music business and felt let down by a number of people I’d been working very closely with,” she told Blank Gold Coast. “I never lost that passion for music, but needed time to reconsider what was important in my life.  The long break was unintentional, but that’s just life.”

It wasn’t until 2014 that Marie released her next album Extraordinary. She says everyone is in such a hurry these days but not her.

“I was determined to do something different, that still allowed me to have music in my life.  I’ve always had a tendency to ‘take the long way around’ so I was in no hurry to achieve my goals.  I enjoy the process of allowing things to unravel naturally.”

When Marie launched her debut in 1998, she did so on the Gold Coast with a show at Hard Rock Café Surfers Paradise. She’s returning there this Friday 12 August for Hard Rock’s Friday night Live series. The night is a fundraiser for the Song4MS project which has seen Marie write a song for MS research with lyrics crowdsourced from those living with multiple sclerosis.

“My two dear friends (who are twins) are both living with multiple sclerosis,” Marie said.  “I realised how little I knew about MS and what it was like to be living with it.  So I wanted to do something for them to firstly let them know I care, and also to do my bit to raise awareness and hopefully some funds for MS research.”

Marie’s song will change lives in a very literal sense, with money raised going directly to researching MS but she says music in general changes live too.

“It really did change mine.  I found my voice, my avenue of expression when I became a songwriter,” she said.

“I believe I became a better person because of it.”

“Because the lyrics of the Song4MS were crowd-sourced by those living with or touched by MS, it creates a deeper connection and gives a voice to those that would not necessarily get the opportunity to express themselves.”

“Writing this song has been an amazing journey for me, and I hope others have enjoyed the songwriting process too.”

Watch the acoustic version of Song4MS:

Marie Wilson is at Hard Rock Café on Friday 12 August 2016.


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