MATours to bring the tourists in

The Murwillumbah Art Trail (MAT) is an exhibition of contemporary art that showcases artists of the Tweed Valley and surrounds. Now it its third year, the event will run over a six day period. The town and shops become the gallery and visitors are invited to follow the exhibition trail. It includes established galleries, artists’ studios, pop up galleries and public art.  The 2017 event has grown, with organisers now including a series of ticketed events, art workshops, an architectural projection and a Celebrate Murwillumbah Street Party. Guided Tours called MATours are now also available, which organisers expect will create a boom for local businesses, with 3,000 people expected to take attend MAT.

The MATours are designed for visitors to Murwillumbah who want to have the full MAT experience in a very short time.   Tourists will enjoy Murwillumbah and MAT2017 through the eyes of a local guide. They will meet the artists, hear about the history and art deco architecture, dine at selected restaurants,  drink good coffee,  relax and have a laugh, and delight in the full MAT Art and food experience.

With nineteen sites confirmed for the MAT, the tour (which incorporates morning tea and lunch) is anticipated to take 4-5 hours. Small groups of up to twelve people will all be wearing “on tour” badges so businesses should easily be able to recognise them.

“When you go visiting a new town the best way to see the most of it is to take a guided tour. These tours are designed for those who have never been to Murwillumbah and want to learn and see as much as they can in a short time,” organiser Natascha Wernick said.

“This is the opportunity to ask those aunties, uncles, cousins and friends from outside of Murwillumbah to visit.  Invite them all! Let’s bring as much money to this town as we can during this time of flood recovery!”

Murwillumbah Art Trail runs from 25 to 30 May. Visit


Image credit: Scott McDougall (2015), Workers store (acrylic on canvas)

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