Mayor claims Gold Coast Plan has Local Area Plans

Mayor Tom Tate says the Gold Coast draft City Plan has Local Area Plans to protect the character of local areas such as Burleigh.

In an impromptu interview in the Burleigh car park on Monday, Mayor Tate said the Gold Coast draft City Plan includes LAPs.

The draft plan on the council website, however, lacks all the LAPs that were in the previous plan.

The Local Plans Section 7 of the City Plan 2015 on the council website is completely empty except for a statement that says there are no local plans in the city plan.

Mayor Tate would not say when he thought the LAPs were put back into the City Plan but he said he had discussed it with the town planner and that they were in there.

He said there was protection for the local character for local areas including Nerang, Mudgereeba and Burleigh in there.

Former town planner and member of the Gecko campaign team, Brian Feeney, said there are definitely no LAPs in the City Plan 2015 on the website.

Mr Feeney said, “I’m going on what the council has put out there for public comment.”

The former town planner said the plan on the website was approved at a council meeting at which the Mayor was chairperson and it was not possible to “tinker” with a plan that is inviting public submissions without going through council.

Mr Feeney has been campaigning to have the Local Area Plans put back into the Gold Coast Plan.

He says LAPs provide important protection for local character such as the village character of Burleigh and nearly all city plans in SE Queensland have them.

Mr Tate was not available for further comment and has not replied to questions emailed at the request of his Mayoral Advisor.

Council will accept submissions to the draft plan until August 20, as stated on the latest council rate notices.

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