Precocious Gold Coast five piece BLIGH have been finely honing their craft across local stages since 2015, impressing both audiences and Band Comp judges alike with their polished melodicism and exemplary song writing chops.

The band expertly channel a neat line in contemporary alt pop-rock, the kind that nods knowingly to the synth pop zeitgeist of early 80’s new wave. And in talented young song writer Elliott Bayliss, they have a conduit for tapping into the kind of hooks and ear for a memorable melody which identify them as a band who are destined to take things much, much further, as they continue to develop and make a name for themselves.

They’ve just released their second single, ‘Mrs Jones’, a murder-mystery themed tale of literate song writing set to a swinging, piano laden musical accompaniment that rises and shifts dynamics to masterful effect, it’s latter half breaking out into a rousing climax.

Says Elliott of the band’s approach to the single, and their muse in general: “Our goal was always to write one song, pop music operettas, to try and give the character or narrator, generally me, a fully fledged narrative that builds with the music; like a movie that only exists in my head.”

Here’s a bit more of an insight into the world of BLIGH, in the words of Elliott Bayliss..

Congratulations on the upcoming new single, ‘Mrs Jones’. Is the track indicative of the sound of the band, in general?

Yeah, definitely. It’s theatrical, narrative driven pop with a sprinkle of musicality and a big build; all those elements are in the song and in the DNA of the band.

Can you touch on the process of how a BLIGH song generally tends to come together?

Generally I’ll record a near complete demo that I take to the band, for them to put their individual spin on the parts. Then James (bassist and producer James Martin) and I will work on the production elements and embellishments.

What’s the background of the band prior to forming BLIGH? Have you all been involved with music for a long time prior?

We have a combined musical history of 25 years. Zahra, Jaidyn and myself have been playing together for almost 8 years and Luc and James have been playing together for even longer in a plethora of different bands and we’ve aged like fine wine. That’s where the chemistry comes from.

Is there any great mystery behind the bands moniker?

The name comes from William Bligh, of rum rebellion fame. BLIGH came from a state where I felt I couldn’t make the music I wanted to with the people I was working with, as we had very different tastes. So there was a rebellion of sorts.

Who are a few of your biggest influences, and can you see yourself channelling them explicitly in your own songs?

I feel like all music is a hodgepodge of the songwriters taste and I’m no exception. I’m really inspired by extroverted, showy, narrative driven, melodically focused artists, like The Wombats, The 1975 and David Bowie and I think it shows.

Where to next for the band – any grand plans for the rest of the year, and into 2019?

We have huge plans for 2019. Early in the year we will be dropping our first EP, ‘Exit 89’. Its an EP that’s really tied to this city and what it was like to grow up here. We hope you love it as much as we do.

To celebrate the launch of ‘Mrs Jones’, BLIGH will be playing a special show on Thursday, 27 September at 17-19 Christine Avenue, Miami, which says Elliott, will be “a great night full of music, food, drink and surprises. It’s not gonna be one you wanna miss.”

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