Meet Kacey Patrick: Bringing Artemus to life

If you’ve been following our music stories for the last few months, you would have seen the name Artemus Events popping up here and there. The newest kid on the Gold Coast music events block, Artemus is the brainchild of long-time Gold Coast resident and musician Kacey Patrick, who saw and seized an opportunity to position Dust Temple, Currumbin as the intimate concert venue of choice for regional, national and international artists passing through. With a particular focus on world and concert musicians, jazz and folk, Kacey has unearthed an audience starved for a regular hub on the Gold Coast, and in doing so has carved out an intimate and much-needed niche in the live music market.

“I grew up as the daughter of an opera singer and was exposed to a lot of singing, musical theatre and stage productions throughout my childhood,” Kacey explains. “Singing, as a professional, was not really on the radar until I met my musical partner (guitarist, Aaron Hopper) and we formed a jazz duo – stringmansassy – as a little bit of an experiment.”

After years of gigging and touring, stringmansassy came to an end while Kacey raised her family on the Gold Coast, keeping her love for all things music and performance alive through engaging when possible with arts and performance opportunities that have presented themselves, such as Women In Voice; The Dream of Zedkat Nabu (with Linsey Pollak) for WFF 2012; the world music ensemble The Saruzu Quartet; 2018 Commonwealth Games Community Celebrations for the Scenic Rim; Woodford Folk Festival Fire Events; and more recently, as the Music Director for the Bleach Festival 2019 ‘Water Songs’ Project.

Then, in 2015, Kacey was invited to get involved in the creation of a pop-up gallery for Mount Tamborine-based artist, Maki Horanai, during which she set up the gallery space, curated the exhibition, and organised a series of music, poetry and food events around the month-long event. This was the birth of Artemus Events, but it wasn’t until Kacey spoke with Dust Temple co-owner Isla Wilson about hosting concerts at the venue that its current incarnation took shape.

“Very fortunately for me, Isla also shares a grand passion for jazz and live music was incredibly excited,” remembers Kacey. “We began the Jazz Series with our first concert in October 2018.

“Dust Temple is such a pleasure to play music in, irrespective of the genre, and the inherent creative intention of Dust Temple holds artists in the most incredible way. The room offers the performers and the audience a chance to experience intimate, concert-styled performance, held by this extraordinary creative space. As a promoter, it is an absolute gift and a glorious opportunity to be able to host musicians and artists, who can share their creative output with an audience that ‘leans into it’.”

The Jazz Series has now morphed into being so much more than just jazz, with the defining constant being the celebration of original creative output: be it jazz, folk, roots, blues, alternative, ambient, world, classical and even theatre. Kacey shares a couple of her personal highlights on the Artemus journey so far.

“One of the highlights – if not the highlight – would have to be the Master Brazilian percussionist Márcio Báhia, who performed with The View From Madeleine’s Couch in May. It is an extraordinary experience to be in an intimate setting with such a magnificent musician. Humbling, inspiring and brilliant. He was off the scale brilliant! And such a beautiful man.

“Also, inviting our first international artists to the venue, Latin Grammy Winner and Grammy Nominee, Gaby Moreno. They loved the space and performing at the Dust Temple was one of the highlights of their tour. It is very satisfying, sharing our city with artists in this way.

“Holding space for musicians and live performance – particularly in a concert setting – was, and always has been, a grand passion.”

If you’ve not yet visited Kacey’s grand passion, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities, with July seeing performances by Tully John and Liza-Jane, and Danny Widdicombe and Trichotomy. The pinnacle upcoming performance will be a five day visit by RHIANNON and Laurence Hobgood, two of the leading jazz and improvisational musicians in the world in early August. All details are available at Follow the Artemus Events socials for news and keep an eye out for #liveatdust.

IMAGE (c) ArtWork Agency, taken for Bleach* Festival 2019

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