On-the-rise Gold Coast three piece, VERUM, are rapidly making their mark on the local music scene off the back of their hard hitting, blues/rock/punk infused sound and energetic live performances. Having recently dropped their punchy debut single, ‘Placebo’, the guys are working towards further developing their self-produced sound over the coming twelve months.

We recently had a chat with VERUM’s lead singer and guitarist, Kaden Perkinson, to learn a bit more about the band and what they’re up to.

Can generic 40 mg levitra you give us a rundown on the VERUM story?

VERUM effect of cialis on women as a band came about when Logan Taylor, Zane Gillespie and I decided to go from making noise in my garage to doing it on a stage. We all met at high school buy online prescription viagra with Logan and I doing our own band thing with different people, like Joel Sims and Tom Hayes. We realised down the track that we wanted something different and ended up writing songs with Zane and it just felt right. We have been playing together for little over a year now and we have enjoyed every minute of it. We wanted to approach the music scene from a viagra pfizer online different angle do it on our own (no agents, no managers).

What’s the story behind your new single, ‘Placebo’?

‘Placebo’ was a song I had written for a close friend of mine who had been struggling with some real online cheap viagra rough events both at home and with his long-term girlfriend. I wrote the song as a bit of a ‘pick me up’ dedicated to him to help convey the message that “life’s too fuckin’ short and we can’t waste time dwelling on things”. The song somehow became this message to anyone who might be struggling to just cialis online uk take a step away and enjoy the little moments we have. It’s the first song I had ever written, so I figured it would be a little bit of sweet irony for it to be the first song we released.

Which venues can we typically see you strut your stuff in the live realm? And what’s been your most memorable live show/ experience to date?

We tend to play shows all around the place from the Gold Coast to Brisbane – we often land gigs at the Coolangatta Hotel, Rics Bar and Vinnies Dive. Our most memorable gig was one of our most recent ones, at the Coolangatta Hotel (7 September), playing alongside high school friends We All Drive to celebrate the release of ‘Placebo’. We had way too much fun and played for an awesome crowd. We also smashed out a collaborative song together. It was a lot of fun and there are plenty of videos to help us remember just how much fun we actually had haha!

Are you working on any new material? And what’s in store for the band for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

We have another single ready to go, which is a little different to our first release. It’s a nice slow blues song that I hold dear to my heart. We are currently planning a music video and confirming a release date for it, which should hopefully be before the New Year. I produced both singles, which was a lot of fun but I wanna collaborate with other producers and artists in the new year, to help define ourselves a little more.

Be sure to keep an eye out on VERUM’s social media and catch them when they’re next pumping out their energetic ruckus at a venue near you.

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