Meet you at the Markets Part 4: Clean and Green Organic Produce

Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’  So let’s be that change.  By shopping locally and with small businesses we can be sure of who our money is going to.

If you don’t meet Mel at the markets, you might find her in the water, catching a wave on one of our glorious beaches, salt in her hair and a smile on her face.  This month Blank caught up with Mel from Clean and Green Organic Produce.

Selling delicious, fermented products is not all Mel does.  This kind-hearted human works as a disability support care worker during the week and sells her organic products at various markets around the Gold Coast of a weekend.

Growing up on a farm in Tasmania, Mel was always blessed with consuming high-quality foods, directly from the source.  When she moved north when at 18 to live in the sunshine state and surf the waves of the Gold Coast, these values remained.

Mel’s love for fermented foods first began when a friend introduced her to kombucha.  Gifted with scoby, Mel began to brew her own fermented drink and eventually started selling starter kits and kombucha at local farmer’s markets, with a goal to educate and empower her customers.

Mel ebbed and flowed with her market stalls, selling kombucha, kombucha starter kits and cooking healthy breakfasts.

With all of her produce sourced from a local organic supplier, Mel has plans to eventually have her own commercial kitchen, as her business and customer base continues to flourish.

Mel truly lives her life in service to the community. She told Blank that the turning point for her to make changes was definitely triggered from stress caused by her previous corporate job.  Finding it unfulfilling, she took her employment into her own hands, leaving the corporate world to serve as a disability support worker whilst building a successful and meaningful business that nourishes the public and builds stronger connections within the community.

The benefits of fermented foods are plenty.  Consuming these delicious products will nourish your gut flora, enhancing not only your digestion, but your entire immune system.  We are a huge fan of Mel’s zucchini sauerkraut and her variety of Kefir’s often sell out at the markets on a weekly basis.

Catch Mel of a weekend at the Palm Beach or Burleigh Markets of a Saturday and the Turf Club markets of a Sunday.  You can also choose to have her delicious kefirs and krauts delivered by touching base via email

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