Melbourne psych-rockers testing GC waters: Magic America

Psychedelia is making a resurgence at the moment and it seems like the Gold Coast is leading the charge. I guess it’s the whole surf rock thing that attracts psychedelic rock bands to the coastal strip, and this weekend we have a visit from Magic America – a four-piece all the way from a little town called Melbourne.

We had the chance to speak to guitarist Andrew Stapleton who agrees that psych is making a comeback.

“There are definitely more psych bands floating around these days,” he said. “But I also think the term psych is now used a lot more loosely. Which isn’t a bad thing, just means genres are blending and expanding. It’s really great for us, because there’s some incredible bands to play with all over Australia.

Forming in 2013, Magic America have been honing a hazy blend of folky, psychedelic rock with a combination of steady gigging and studio time. Actually that studio time was evenly split between Northcote’s Soundpark Studios and their guitarist’s home studio. They were recording their debut, self-titled EP across both locations.

Andrew says there are benefits to working across home and studio.

“Sometimes you’re under time restrictions at a studio so it can put the pressure on, which doesn’t lend itself to creativity,” he told Blank.

“On the flip side, at home you have too much time to mess around and a song can loose its raw energy, which is important. It’s good to mix it up. Which is why we tend to utilise both scenarios.”

Andrew tells me that even though they’ve only just released their debut offering, they’ve been playing together for more than two years.

“We’ve all been in bands for a while before Magic America came along. This band’s been a lot of fun, we’ve been touring a bit lately and having a good time doing it,” he told me. 

“But, we finally got around to recording a proper release,” he said.

Magic America describe their new single Shock Me Sober as being dark and sprawling. Full of swirling gaze which builds in momentum… but we think you should make that judgement for yourself. And you can do that this weekend when they visit SEQ as part of a national tour marking their EP release.

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Magic America

Saturday 26 September | The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

Sunday 27 September | Sounds of Sunday GC, Broadbeach Tavern

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