Meredith’s wonders and worries of weather

Meredith Elton is a local performance artist and dance movement therapist who creates performances and designs and facilitates workshops through her platform The Moving Place.

After she facilitated Inherit the Wind at Bleach* Festival, Meredith is preparing some solo work, along with two, free public workshops which will provide an opportunity for people to share and creatively explore the wonders and worries of weather.

Meredith’s performance at Bleach involved 90 people over two nights with many people commenting on the power of sharing their experiences. Meredith shared with me a text she received from an audience member after the performance…

“I want to tell you how deeply moved I was by the performance on Sunday night.  At an emotional level the visual aspects peeled away any armour I was wearing and I experienced the whole thing on a sensory and visceral level and on many occasions I felt like I was just a beating heart sitting on a seat and standing in awe on the verandah.  On a production level it was seamless, professional, schmick, powerful.”

Meredith says these new events and workshops are an opportunity to be guided through gentle moving meditations and outdoor explorations “that support feeling, sharing and expression around experiences of weather, change, vulnerability and power.”

“We live in a city defined by coastline, shaped by weather – from the remembered glory of a blue-sky holiday to the surfers prayer for an off shore wind,” Meredith says. “We live in a time when the seasonal markers of our year are shifting in unprecedented ways.  It’s been a warm winter.  I don’t remember it like this.  The tide never used to reach this high.  We know its part of a bigger story.”

Meredith says that Inherit the Wind is a creative adventure.  “An invitation to gather together in more feeling, body and earth grounded ways to share and explore our experiences around the wonders of weather and our worries about the weather and our changing climate,” she said.

“The project is inspired by my own need to be with other people (around this issue) in more creative and heartfelt ways – and in ways that support both the incredible wonder of being alive on planet earth at this time and the real and devastating worries and losses that we are living through.  As a community we have moved beyond “is this happening?” and “is it humans causing it” toward “how can I possibly even begin to feel the enormity of this or imagine anything I could do to change the situation”.  I think we care.  We care deeply,” Meredith said.

Before coming to the Gold Coast Meredith has been involved in devising, performing and choreographing a wide range of dance and physical theatre performances including work for the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, The Next Wave Festival and the opening of the Queensland Poetry Festival.

Her performances will take place at Helensvale Cultural Centre on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 June and at Kirra Hill on 20 and 21 June. She will also run two half-day workshops. One at Helensvale Cultural Centre on Sunday 31 May from 12.30pm and the other at Kirra Hill on Saturday 6 June from 9.30am. For more information call Meredith on 0420 367 199 or email


Watch to find out more:

INHERIT THE WIND a community performance project about the weather from Meredith Elton on Vimeo.

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Inherit the Wind is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Uber Mentorship Program, Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast.



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