Mermaid Waters: Suburban Rockers Release Debut Single, ‘Royalty’

What’s in a suburb? Well, when the name of your band is ‘Mermaid Waters’, it’s clearly plenty! The on-the-rise alt-rock duo, comprising of pals Liam Chappy on Vocals/Drums and Lachlan McKay on Guitar/Bass, formed very recently after cutting their musical teeth as session musos and playing in a range of popular tribute shows.

Having decided to bring their original compositions to fruition, they released their impressive debut single, ‘Royalty’, on 2 July. A driving slice of grunge inflected alt-rock, the single tackles the delicate subject of toxic/abusive relationships head on.

We recently caught up with the band’s frontman/drummer Liam Chappy, to gain an insight into the band’s inner workings.

Can you put us in the picture as to how your debut single, ‘Royalty’ came together?

The track was first conceptualised while I was at Tafe in 2018 and got turned to a demo. Due to busy schedules and lack of support from some friends around me, the demo for ‘Royalty’ stayed in the archives until the 2020 pandemic. I then reworked the demo and messaged my old friend Lachlan asking if he was interested in turning this concept into a reality. The rest is history.

You’ve chosen a very specific Gold Coast reference for your band name – do you guys reside in or have an affinity for the suburb of Mermaid Waters?

Yeah, Mermaid Waters is where I grew up and wrote all my songs so there’s heaps of sentimental value there. We went through heaps of other names but they were either already taken or had no meaning. But it wasn’t until my dad brought up Parkway Drive and other bands named after places that gave me the idea. I asked Lachlan and my producer what they thought on the name ‘Mermaid Waters’ and they thought it was awesome! It wasn’t taken so we locked it!

Can you give us a brief insight into your musical backgrounds and how you came to make music together?

Well Lachlan and I have been acquainted since 2016. He and I were in separate bands and we occasionally kept bumping into each other at shows. In 2019 we shared a stage together for the first time for a Blink 182 tribute show that was organised by a mutual friend of ours. We had the greatest on stage and off-stage chemistry and he was so good at Bass AND guitar, so I told him if I ever needed a bassist or a guitarist that he’d be the first person I called.

On the other hand, while Lachlan and I both come from Pop Punk/Rock upbringings, our music taste is so diverse. One minute we’ll be listening to Gangster Rap, the next we’ll be singing along to Disney Soundtracks. We just don’t give a damn. Music is music and we love it regardless.

What does the future hold for Mermaid Waters?

Well after we release of our debut single ‘Royalty’ on 2 July, we’ve already started pre-production on our next few singles and possibly an EP.

Mermaid Waters’ dashing debut single, ‘Royalty’, is out now via all major streaming platforms. You can check it out YouTube below:

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