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As one of the organisers of the GC Music Awards, I’m going to be the first to admit, it’s really hard to weigh up nominations from such diverse genres – this year we had everything from opera to math rock. And one thing our list of finalists does not do is reflect the talent we have here on the Gold Coast when it comes to metal.

I need to make sure you know about these bands and go out of your way to check them out. They weren’t listed as finalists, but that is no reflection on their status as absolute mayhem-makers and metal patriots of the Gold Coast.

As well as being incredibly talented musicians, these bands are comprised of artists who constantly go above and beyond to support the local scene. With events like Wallapalooza providing a platform for local heavy talent, it’s the least we can do to help shine a spotlight on these local heroes who beaver away to keep circle pits humming and hair flying well into the night…..

Darkc3ll (pictured)          

There is no-one else like Darkc3ll – on the Gold Coast or elsewhere. With charismatic frontman Jesse Dracman at its helm, Darkc3ll had a massive 2015, visually and musically proving themselves as a world-class outfit. And I mean world-class. Last year, they crowdfunded $13,000 to tour the USA (which included $666 for eyeliner and makeup) and they left a lasting impression everywhere they went.

“We went there with the Rocky Balboa philosophy. We were the underdogs, very few people knew who we were and we went there with the mission of: we have to kick the shit out of every single show, every single night,” Jesse told Blank in an earlier interview. And kick the shit, they did. They gathered rave reviews everywhere they went – more than 20 shows through the USA.

To say Darkc3ll have a “larger than life” sound is a gross understatement. With four albums under their belt in just four years, as well as tours supporting national and international bands, they’ve also been included on the Soundwave bill twice (one of them the ill-fated 2016 lineup) plus they’ve supported Wednesday 13, Otep and Combichrist.

Right now they’re in the studio between day-jobs, recording their fifth indie release due in November 2016. Stay abreast of tour and release details at and #spreadthedarkness at


The Wrath

They’ve been on the Gold Coast for more than ten years, carving their own niche in the Australian music sub-culture world and sharing the stage with the likes of The Misfits, The Meteors, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, The 69 Eyes, Pulley and Amity Affliction. Their reputation as a cracking live act earned them a hometown spot at the 2007 Gold Coast Big Day Out, alongside Tool, Muse and My Chemical Romance.

The Wrath

The Wrath

Last year they released their second full-length album Disillusions and Resolutions.  Thirteen years in the business and The Wrath [Tommy Creeper (lead vocals), Spectre Deano and Carina Aquarola (guitars), Jase Hand (drums) and The Count (double bass)], can truly say they have stood the test of time, “provoking mayhem everywhere they tread.” Follow the journey, go to gigs and get music at




Redstarborn have been a dominant force in the Gold Coast music scene since 2012, providing a much-needed dose of positive energy and constantly flying the flag to show that Gold Coast is rich with musical talent. An underground sensation, recognised by their fans but also the industry as a “high energy modern powerhouse of creativity”, Redstarborn’s sound is built upon powerful driving beats with momentous riffs and hooks piled into the mix.  With a bunch of lineup changes, the band is now being noticed for the sheer power and energy it creates on stage with only three members. And in their short time, they’ve already supported high profile touring acts including Twelve Foot Ninja, King of the North, Tilian and the Algorythm to name but a few.

Their debut single Electricity and its accompanying video piqued interest here and further afield and they’re regulars on the Wallapalooza roster.Check them out:


Napoleonic Wars

Named after the wars fought under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 1800’s, the band’s namesake reflects its post-hardcore/math-rock sound of organised chaos quite accurately.

Image (c) Lamp Photography

Image (c) Lamp Photography

They’re not metal, that’s for sure, but on speakers, new-comers, Napoleonic Wars sonically express the emotional war zone that is the middle ground between bitter self loathing and arrogant hatred in their EP entitled You Disgust Me, But I can Relate. And with youth on their side, this four-piece can only go from strength to strength as they find their feet sonically and professionally. With their EP released in February 2015 and music videos produced for tracks Die Joe Boo and Devil’s Snare, they had a track included in the Fecking Bahamas’ international compilation album series, toured to Sydney and featured here in Blank.  If you don’t know what math-rock is, you best explore

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