Metalfields 3: in memory of Kris Field

Metalfields is an annual celebration of metal, remembering the life of local music fan Kris Field.

A passionate supporter of live music, Kris lived with a condition knows as Morquio syndrome. And despite feeling unwell one night in 2015 he still went to see his favourite band, Azreal live at the Cooly Hotel. Turns out it that gig would be his last.

“Kris was our number one supporter and was always at our shows, not only supporting us but every other band on the stage,” said Azreal’s Jimmy Glinster.  “We loved seeing him and always took time to hang out and have a chat and a drink or ten. The little guy could drink most of us under the table!”

“When Kris passed we were asked if our music could be played at his funeral and of course we agreed. Little did we know that the last track on our ‘Premonition’ album, a heavy ballad aptly titled ‘Ghosts’, would be played as the final song for the ceremony. When the song played it broke my heart and when the first note of my solo hit, it was too much and I had to leave the building to pull myself together.”

“Never would I have though that a piece of music that I was part of creating would reach such a personal and emotional level for me and little did I know how much our music had actually reached Kris to the point where his family and friends insisted that it be a part of our final goodbyes to him. Telling this story stills brings a tear to my eye,” Jimmy said. 

Shortly after his death, Kris’ mates rallied to bring the local metal community together in his honour. Three in particular. Legendary sound engineer, Chippy (John Chipchase) and Azreal band members Chris Dennis and Jimmy Glinster curated a memorial show full of the things that Kris loved.

Three years on and that concept is still kicking goals. And the 2018 lineup is one that would have left Kris Fields frothing.

Azreal, Decryptus,. Massic, Cakes, From Crisis to Collapse, Snake Mountain (being Dan Maynard’s last gig with the band for a while), Nowhere Else, Kaosphere, Elephant, Monster Fodder and Sarah Joh will lay down the heavy vibes for punters when Metalfields takes over the Cooly Hotel this December.

And here’s a hot tip.Azreal have never performed ‘Ghosts’ live, despite it being one of their most-streamed songs, but Jimmy Glinsters tells us, Metalfields will see it have its stage debut.

“That’s if we can all keep our shit together,” he said. 

_ _ _

Metalfields 3, presented by The Dirty Peso + Young Henrys and takes place at Cooly Hotel on Saturday 8 December. Tickets $20 on the door, or cheaper via pre-sale on Oztix.

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