The Beautiful Girls kick off a stellar 2018 for Miami Marketta

The Beautiful Girls celebrate anniversaries of their two seminal releases ‘Morning Sun’ and ‘Learn Yourself’ this summer. And with that milestone, Frontman Mat McHugh has decided to strip back performances to their original essence with that striking three-piece sound which first brought the band to public attention some fifteen years ago.

Their music has been described as dubby, punky, rootsy, spooky and raw. And with amazing performances all over the planet, delivering heart-on-the-sleeve songs and pioneering the Australian surf-roots-reggae sound, The Beautiful Girls are set to sell out their Miami Marketta show early in the new year.

The band’s 4 January set will kick off another big year of music for Gold Coast’s longest running night market and live music venue. 2017 saw a bunch of shows sell out, including international gigs. With many of those shows upgraded from the indoor live music space to the alleyway as well as whispers of a new venue offering from the makers of Miami Marketta in 2018, we’re pretty excited about what’s on the horizon. So too is the venue’s Music Director, Melissa de Regt.

“It’s definitely been a busy year for us and we are thrilled to have been able to provide not only a place for people to see live music but also to encourage more acts to be stopping here on their tours way more regularly,” Mel told Blank Gold Coast.

“The obvious highlight for me personally is The Growlers and Ocean Alley show which only proves how solid the music scene is here on the Coast and not just mainstream music, international alternative music.”

Just one week after The Beautiful Girls celebrate their 15th anniversary at the site, Shake ‘n’ Bake hits Marketta. Boo Seeka headline the Suresharker event, bringing along Bootleg Rascal, Gold Member and the infamous Shaker DJs.  Boo Seeka have had a stellar run of sold shows across Australia, with their album reaching #1 on the Australian iTunes charts and #8 in the Aria charts.  Meanwhile Bootleg Rascal have been touring through Europe and New Zealand, selling out pumping shows in Amsterdam and London.

Mel says the quality of acts passing through the venue just reinforces her belief in future possibilities for both Miami Marketta and the City’s music scene in general.

“Hence the reason for opening a dedicated live music venue which will provide the coast with a more city-like venue with later hours and more availability,” she said.

“We cannot wait! We look forward to sharing this with everyone in 2018.”

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The Beautiful Girls hit Miami Marketta on 4 January and Shake ‘n Bake rolls into Marketta on 11 January.

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