Mickey: Unleashing The Seethe

Quirkily catchy Brisbane musician Mickey (aka Mickey Van Wyk) made quite a splash around these parts earlier this year, on the basis of his jubilant debut single ‘Clever Clones’. And he’s just followed it up with a new slice of melodic pop, in the form of his latest release, ‘Seethe’.

When chatting with Blank GC previously, “fun” and “honesty” were two words that Mickey used in describing himself and his music. He was also a big wrap for renowned Gold Coast music producer, musician and all-round creative guru Guy Cooper, who has collaborated with Mickey on both his releases to date. So this time around we asked Guy what it was like to work with an artist as unique and theatrical as Mickey.

“Mickey is like no other artist I have worked with,” Guy said. “I love his voice and the songs are always so intricate and layered.”

“He has an indie pop-rock blend to his song writing that really identifies the core emotion of the song, and drives that home with some amazingly acrobatic vocals.”

“I was hooked producing the tracks, so I joined the band too! The new single ‘Seethe’ is such an energetic and fun track, it has a power and drive that is all Mickey and really makes me smile every time I hear it,” Guy said.

Mickey is currently unleashing ‘Seethe’ into the live realm. If you missed him at his recent shows at Night Quarter and the New Globe Theatre in late September, be sure to get along to see him at the Bloodhound Bar in Brisbane on 6 October.

Or look him up at mickeytheband.com.

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