Gold Coast musicians create online meditation resource ‘Savasana Journey’

When Damiano from Gold Coast band Midnight Express to Rome had his shows cancelled earlier in the pandemic, he had a lot of time on his hands and a lot of stress on his shoulders.

Then he met Emma and Carla from MerryBody Pilates & Yoga Studio, who were creating recorded meditations to “take people on a journey of deep relaxation”, with whimsical guitar sounds in a garage band format.

Inspired, Damiano locked himself in his home studio and recorded ‘Savasana Journey’ – along with two other tracks – as both instrumentals, and guided meditation tracks.

We caught up with Damiano about ‘Savasana Journey’ and what it can do for listeners.

Who is ‘Savasana Journey’ for?

It’s for anyone who needs to welcome more relaxation into life… so in 2020, it’s for everyone!

I know from feedback from MerryBody, many members used the guided Savasana and the other meditations we created to relieve their stress and anxiety during difficult times.

How should listeners meditate to ‘Savasana Journey’?

The idea of Savasana within a yoga practice is that you lie down in complete surrender, complete relaxation, allowing the movement (asana) and breathwork (pranayama) that came before to integrate into the mind, body and heart. Within this composition I arranged it to encourage the listener (the yogi) to be taken on a journey, to be taken on an experience, that will guide them to let go of all attachment and simply be one with the music.

Within this composition I arranged it to encourage the listener to be taken on a journey, to be taken on an experience, that will guide them to let go of all attachment and simply be one with the music. My goal is to shift their state with the power of music.

Would you recommend the instrumental or the guided meditation?

The guided meditation version was specifically designed for MerryBody members. But the instrumental version is perfect for anyone who simply needs some relaxed-vibed music. Both Emma and Carla also use it during their in-real-life pilates and yoga classes, where they teach here on the Gold Coast at Essence of Living once a week each. It’s become their signature song to end a class. A way for their clients to instantly drop into a state of relaxation and let everyday stresses melt away… and a way to create some form of consistency within their classes.

Recently they’ve also added the instrumental version to their recorded Yin Yoga classes. Apparently, this is getting a lot of great feedback amongst members.

What did you learn from creating ‘Savasana Journey’?

It forced me to step outside my preferred genres… To be honest, my preferred meditation sounds more like rock’n’roll. Really, creating and playing music is my meditation. But I loved the challenge of creating something new, completely different from my preferred genre. As an artist, I believe it’s important to mix it up and not get stuck on personal preferences.

It also opened my eyes up to more possibilities, especially important during this uncertain time for the music industry.

This project allowed me to try something new. I’m open to working with other businesses, people to create customised music for their brand or product. Music is a powerful addition for any project.

What advice would you give to musicians taking on projects like this?

I would simply say… be open to new projects, even if they seem a little out of context for your goals and preferences because you never know what you can learn or where something can take you.

Also, when working with businesses outside of the music industry recognize that they do things differently. They have preferred systems and processes; simply ask how they like to work or create your own professional system to create a more flowing creative process.

Listeners have reviewed ‘Savasana Journey’ as “wonderfully relaxing”, “magic” and “just what I needed”. You can find ‘Savasana Journey’ and Damiano’s other meditation tracks on Spotify or at Essence of Living during Emma and Carla’s meditation classes.

Image of Damiano by Simone Gorman-Clark. Image of the Merrymaker Sisters supplied.

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