Misery loves company: Atticus Chimps drop single + video + launch for new track

Atticus Chimps have taken on bushfires in their blazing new track, dropping the single alongside a fresh vid and announcing a follow up gig at Burleigh Bazaar.

‘Misery’ is the absolute thumper of a new track from arguably Gold Coast’s loudest duo, Atticus Chimps. The song serves as a reminder to listeners that even though we’re all caught up with the global pandemic, climate change is still a massive threat. It looks at the devastating bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019 and the ineffective response from the government. It’s hard. It’s mad. And still somehow manages to be a little bit playful.

“The bushfires have now become a distant memory, an afterthought in a world that’s now more concerned about scanning QR codes in restaurants than scanning the landscape for koala bear skeletons,” Sam Chimp tells us.

‘Misery’ features a driving beat, thunderous hard rock riffs, blues infused scales, and has all the hooks and melodies that any die-hard alternative rock fan can resonate with. It was recorded at Gold Coast’s Blind Boy Studios and only features a bass guitar and drum kit, with all seemingly non-bass sounds achieved through a guitar effects pedal board.

“All of the bass and guitar-sounding tracks were played at the same time using an effects switcher that triggers one bass and two guitar amplifiers to come on and off by the switch of a button,” explains Sam of the set up.

“It can get a bit complicated and it’s hard to explain without having the setup right in front of me, but we can replicate this sound perfectly fine in a live format. It’s just a matter of using pre-recorded loop sounds for the introduction then turning amplifiers on and off using the switchboard.”

The new track has some company, with a shiny new video hitting YouTube today.

“Hopefully you’ll recognise some of the locations that we filmed on the Gold Coast! It was edited and directed by myself and a couple of film students, so it’s all done completely independently but I think it came out pretty good.”

Since the guys are obviously so passionate about the environment, I ask Sam what he would fix right now if he could.

“A rapid and drastic shift to renewable energy sources all around the world,” he states immediately.

“Isn’t it kind of embarrassing that us humans are still farting around in our little combustible-fuel-mobiles? Imagine a silent, odorless highway with just the thrum of rubber on the asphalt. No road rage or fatalities because every car is autonomous. That is the future. We have the technology to solve this problem, we just do not have the will to change as a species.”

It’s often artists like Atticus Chimps that utilise their platforms to not just entertain but also to cry out for social change. And with a couple more releases slated for this year to round out an EP release, they’re certainly not done.

You can catch the boys live then they hit Burleigh Bazaar on 30 July. Check out ‘Misery’ below:

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