mISSkARA: finding a new frequency in 2019

Drawn to the Gold Coast for its warm winters, Kara Towner (AKA mISSkARA) is no stranger to performing and songwriting. Finding her love of singing whilst studying at the Sita School of Arts in Melbourne, she made a name for herself gigging across Melbourne with Naked Cookie and the Frank Sita Duo and more recently collaborating with a number of producers on her debut EP.

2018 saw Kara have her festival debut at Rainbow Serpent outside of Melbourne and she’s recently been announced on the 2019 Earth Frequency Festival lineup, performing alongside global artists such as Deya Dova (AUS), Desert Dwellers (USA) and CloZee (FRANCE).

While she’s currently collaborating with dance and hip-hop producers across Australia, she says describing her genre can be hard.

“It’s mostly tech house / deep house with a pinch of pop,” Kara told Blank GC.

Kara’s thrown herself into the local scene since arriving on the Gold Coast – a regular attendee at local networking events and workshops hosted by the likes of QMusic and Music Industry Inside Out. She says she’s learnt so much about PR and release timelines.

“The networking helped me SO much in settling in not only to the GC but into myself as an artist. Because I met and talked to so many people in the biz at the events, I had to describe what it is I have been doing and what I want to be growing into and achieving as an artist.”

It was at one of those events that the notion to apply to perform at Earth Frequency Festival really took shape for Kara.

“In 2018 I performed at Rainbow Serpent with the quirky awesome Melbourne DJ Mickey Space in the Womb of Love. It was awesome and I knew I wanted to do it again. I experienced Earth Frequency a month later and I was hooked. It’s so lush, the community of people are amazing, the organisers do an epic job and I was like ‘next year, I’m performing here’ and though there was a lot of hard work, facing fears and even tears, we got there in the end! Mickey Space and I are performing together at EFF 2019 and we can’t wait!”

Kara’s other plans for 2019 are still crystallising and she’s in the middle of a vision and planning process with a coach right now but she says she’s going to release three singles, the first of which is ‘My Emoji’, written and produced with Reeceponse Beats.

“Later on I’ll release my first EP.”

She’s also hoping to perform at other major events such as Island Vibe and Elements and is searching for a DJ/producer based close to the GC to join forces with to take over the world (“dance world, that is”).

“Today EFF Australia tomorrow, TOMORROWLAND Europe,” she said.

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Kara Towner (AKA mISSkARA) performs at Earth Frequency Festival, 15 – 18 February. More at earthfrequency.com.au.

IMAGE (c) Setsuko Hobart

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