Mitch King brings folky blues to A La Carte in the Park | 9 August

Blues and folk inspired singer songwriter Mitch King is a full sounding one man band.

He’s played over 500 gigs since the launch of his debut album A Life Under The Sun released last year. Those gigs included Sunrise, Gympie Muster and Byron Byron Bay Blues Festival. His uplifting songs are memorable, infused with edgy guitar riffs, rich vocals and meaningful lyrics. Blank’s Emma Ballard caught up with the young but accomplished guitar man, who is also part of Indie Now’s first intake of artists, ahead of his performance at A La Carte in the Park this weekend.


As a one man show and a multi-instrumentalist, when did your musical journey begin and how’s the journey been so far?

I started playing guitar at nine but got frustrated with it and picked it up again at 13 or 14. It’s always been about the guitar for me and I realised if I’m going to do anything with it then I guess I’d better sing! It progressed from there bringing in the harmonica, stomp box and tambourine. Music got serious at around 16 when I began busking. As soon as I started earning money I was like woh I can earn money doing this! I gigged at Mt Tambourine brewery, then the markets. The markets are great as you can get your music out to a lot of people. Now my main focus is on festivals and gigs where I can play 100%.


Who are your main influences?

A collective of John Mayer, his earlier bluesier stuff, Kim Churchill, Juzzie Smith and John Butler. I get inspired by anyone doing a good job.


Your songs from debut Album, A life under the Sun have deep and meaningful lyrics mostly relating to your life and the way you see the world.

When I look back at my first album I think wow that album was all about me! The next album is from a different perspective. When I listen back to those songs now they seem so old and I much prefer the current stuff.


You have a lot of edgy guitar riffs in your songs. Do the riffs come first in your song writing?

Definitely. If I’m into it, some random lyrics will come.


What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Definitely festivals. At the Palm Creek Folk Festival in Townsville the crowd response was great. 15 minutes before I started, people were arriving and the tent was packed. It was a good set and I felt like good energy was shared and I met lots of nice people. Blues on Broadbeach was a great gig too and I like private parties. People grab a couple of rugs and sit there attentively. When you have an attentive audience it’s easier to be yourself. The audience says yeah we are with you and I feel like I can be myself more.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to put out uplifting music and share good energy. When I’m feeling good about myself it comes through the music and this makes other people feel good.

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You can catch Mitch playing at A La Carte in the Park on Sunday August at 11.00am. You can also follow Mitch on his website and on Facebook.


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