Mitchells Fold: Live review | Canungra Services Club | Friday 8 September 2017

Well it may have been a beautiful clear night on the Gold Coast but if you went to Canungra Services Club you would be warmed by some innovative folk interpretations and inspired original music.

Canungra is also known as “Valley of the Owls” and there were plenty of night owls out to enjoy this musical experience.

There were six original songs performed that evening ‘I Guess It’s Just What I Must Do’, ‘If The Cap Fits’, ‘Demon Knees’, ‘Ballad of Mispent Youth’, ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’. These songs are drawn from Mitchells Folds personal experiences, conversations and sometimes from the most unlikely places. Where the songs do come from are Robin, Suzy and Emmy’s myriad of songs tunes in their heads and the culmination of decades of soaking up so much music. There are more original songs on the way.

The evening began with the cover of ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ended with ‘Copperhead Road’. Similar to their approach to original music there’s always a bit of “unfinished business” in a good song or a “work in progress”. In other words, covers don’t have to be done exactly as the original and are worthy of new interpretations.

They were joined on stage for the last set with their bass player for the “full band”, Wil. Mitchells Fold was incredibly well received by the crowd and staff at the Canungra Services Club. 

Mitchells Folds Trio are: Robin Mitchell (Acoustic guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals),
Suzy Mitchell (Vocals, Mandolin, Whistles, Cajon, Djembe, Bodrhan and Percussion) and
Emmy Lou Godwin (Vocals and Percussion). Additonal Musician: Wilfred De Greef (Bass).

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