Mojo Juju hits Gold Coast on national album tour

The rising star is touring her third studio album across the country, including a free show at NightQuarter.

Mojo Juju has been garnering rave reviews for her brutally honest third studio album and its title track ‘Native Tongue’. The inimitable artist pulls no punches and offers no quarter, tearing at the foundations of the institutionalised prejudices she has had to face as a mixed race, queer woman, growing up in a country with no place for her, never feeling enough a part of any one community to be accepted. It is a song that manages to be so personal and painful, yet simultaneously empowering and anthemic, as though it were written for every mixed race or Indigenous person who has ever felt like they did not belong.

Sitting down with SBS The Feed, Mojo discussed the importance of telling her family story through the album to gain a better understanding of who she is as a person and as an artist.

“This album is about my relationships with Ancestry and Elders and how family history has informed a great deal of who I am,” she explains.

“In a lot of ways, I wrote this album for my younger self, because as a kid growing up in regional Australia, I would have benefit so greatly from having heard more stories from, by or about other people of colour, queer people, people like me. I wanted this to be an album for First Nations People, 1st generations, 2nd generations and 3rd Culture kids.”

You can catch Mojo when she hits NightQuarter on Friday 2 November 2018.


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