Skeletons In The Closet

After recently notching up their 100th gig at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, local punk/metallers Monster Fodder are setting their sights on interstate notoriety in the lead up to their upcoming second EP.

Since forming four years ago, Monster Fodder has undergone several lineup changes, but sole original member and bass player/vocalist Stuart Lee believes the current trio of himself, Adam Mangion on drums, and Drew Craker on guitars is the best and hopefully final incarnation of the band.

“We’re a three-piece out of the Gold Coast bringing it hard, heavy and as loud as we can,” he surmised, “and we want to shake everyone’s brain cells! With Adam’s ferocious drumming and Drew’s Slash-like abilities, we have found the speed and technique we’ve been looking for.”

Monster Fodder are one of those bands that seem to be playing somewhere every week. Their name is plastered over posters from Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast and their social media accounts are constantly alight with details of upcoming shows. Not only do they promote themselves to the masses, but they also support other local bands, bringing a renewed sense of vigour and support to a scene that for too long became overly competitive and selective.

“It’s important to get out there and help each other out so we’ve put on a lot of shows,” Stuart shrugged.

“Music is very much a community thing, and everyone’s gotta get involved and pitch in.

“The music industry is very fast-paced these days and has changed when it comes to music and releasing music but it’s still a community thing. I think also social media has brought everyone together.”

After the success of last year’s debut release ‘Skeletons’, Stuart says Monster Fodder are almost ready to unleash the follow-up.

“The process is well and truly underway,” he smiled. “The EP will be called ‘Resurrection’, mainly because we have found the bones and the blood and guts of where we are and what we stand for, now we’ve gotta resurrect it and take it even further with our second release!

“Our aim is every 12 months to have a new release. The last one was in August/September last year so… The music is there we just have to get in the studio now.”

In keeping with their commitment to the Gold Coast music industry, Monster Fodder will again record at Love Street Studios with Scott French.

“The set up they have is exactly what we want,” Stuart said. “They have different rooms for each of us so we can record live and stare at each other through the glass and get lost in each other’s eyes (laughs).

“We want to capture that live sound and intensity that we have on stage. I’m a massive fan of buying band’s live releases rather than studio ones because you get that rawness and attitude. As Dave Grohl said, ‘you’ve gotta be good live, not just in the studio’. We will be sticking to the basics and keeping that rawness but we also want to keep it fast-paced and loud.”

Rather than bide their time until recording ‘Resurrection’, Monster Fodder are determined to maintain their profile both locally and interstate, planning to make their first aural assault on Newcastle and Sydney in the coming months.

“We’re very busy at the back end of this year,” Stuart enthused. “We’ve got the ‘It’s Alive’ festival coming up downstairs at the Crowbar in November, but before that, we’re heading to Sydney and hooking up with I Hate People, Pure Envy and a couple of local bands in Newcastle and playing a big punk festival at the Valve Bar in Sydney the following night. We are looking forward to the Sydney show in particular because they have bigger crowds and a bigger scene down there. It will be an eye-opener, ha!”

Catch the guys at Crowbar Brisbane on 16 November.

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