More muddy mayhem for GC

A military inspired obstacle challenge is set to bring more than muddy mayhem to the Gold Coast with organisers aiming to leave a legacy for Australian families affected by conflict.

“I’ve lost five guys on operations that I have been deployed with, and had 32 wounded, including Matt on our last deployment,” said Event Director Adam McNamee, a Commando himself.

The event in question is True Grit, Australia’s first military inspired obstacle challenge that will hit Mt Tamborine on 12 – 13 July.

Designed and operated by former commandos from the Australian Special Forces, the course is 10km in length and will incorporate more than 30 military style obstacles.

Adam and Matt Cardinaels have a combined 32 years in the military and are determined to contribute to Legacy and the Commando Welfare Trust.

“With our backgrounds in Australian Special Forces, we can bring that real world experience to obstacle racing. Our course at the base of mighty Mt Tamborine incorporates natural terrain and military experiences like no other obstacle course,” said McNamee.

“We choose our locations carefully. A lot of obstacle course races are just structures erected on paddocks, we’re about much more than that. We take a course and tailor it to a military style event,” said McNamee.

3000 participants are expected over the course of the weekend with smoke, dizzying heights, undulating terrain, extreme temperatures, and a 10km course challenging the toughest competitors.

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